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I've been vaping on and off since 2010. It helped a little bit but hard to find any place that sold juice, coils and devices. So it was hard for me to stick to it. Dabbled a lot with RDA/RDTAs. It wasn't till about 2 years ago when I picked up a smok rolo badge with salt nics did I finally start to stick with it. Fully committed and helping others commit and quit smoking by sharing my enthusiasm with vaping. Now my collection went from an Avocado with a Kanger 150 (which I still have fully operational) to a nice mod and atty collection that is very respectful and over grown. Constantly getting classics when they come in to cherish and show the history of vaping. I educate and show people that with the right equipment suited for their needs as well as safety habits they can stop smoking. Nothing hurts me more then miss information.


My name is Lucy and I am a squonkaholic
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Welcome to the Forum:wave:
Welcome to this forum. I am also new to this forum and also staerted vaping recently. We will have some good discussion here.​

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