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Vaporjoe's been rockin' on Blogger for a solid 12 years, but lately, Google's been playing around with some fancy AI filters. These filters are sneakily targeting posts with certain keywords, and I can't even mention them here 'cause this post would get axed. Basically, anything related to the "V.A.P.E" industry is getting the boot. But fear not, my friends! Vaporjoes has moved to a new server where there are no restrictions on what we can say or market.

Since we don't sell anything, we've been flying under the radar when it comes to laws and regulations. We're just a bunch of text and links, after all. But these new AI filters are causing some serious trouble. They're removing posts left and right, and it's not just hurting the blog, it's chipping away at Vaping History. Lucky for us, we've archived all our posts and transferred them to the new server. So, no matter what Google does, it won't affect a thing.

We'll keep this site up as long as Google allows, but be warned, many posts will slowly disappear over time. If you want to keep up with us, head on over to our new site at

Now, some of you might be wondering why it took us so long to make this move. Well, I'm a firm believer in not fixing what ain't broken.

But NOW Blogger is definitely broken, so we had to fix it, simple as that.

There will be no new content added here. This is pretty much for archive purposes only (for as long as that lasts).

Love you guys,


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Not open for further replies.

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