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Vicious Ant Primo Stabwood/Titanium

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SOLD long ago forgot to update

Absolute beauty up for grabs. Need to recover some money after taking a big hit from a scam unfortunately, so need to let some things go.

Vicious Ant Primo Stabwood Hybrid / Titanium DNA75C 26650/18650 (18650 capable with adapter).

9/10 Condition absolutely flawless, Less than 800 puffs total.

Retail = $450+ shipped

Asking $250 $225 to your door - may be open to trades for high end mechs and squonks, shoot me a comment and DM if interested.

I really love these mods. I let my absolute favorite one go a while back, and know I will regret selling this one too but have to. The battery life is amazing and the form factor is perfect. The extra juice you get from the 26650 is great, and the overall size of the mod is kept very compact.

Thanks VU šŸ»

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That's a quality deal! Had I not recently bought 20 mods in the last couple months I'd be all over it...
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