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Mlife vape

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Everyone can ask any questions and we will discuss them together. We are the best OEM/ODM electronic cigarette factory in China. --Mlifevape
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每个人都可以提出任何问题,我们将一起讨论。我们是中国最好的 OEM/ODM 电子烟工厂。--Mlifevape
Endlish again please. Always.


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i dont have questions. but i will say this.
i have a variety of pod devices from different brands.
and my favorite pod system is the OVNS w01.
the reasons being that its small and sleek. the vape is very cool. i hate hot vape and hot coils that burn my lip and gums.
it uses a micro usb charger.
long lasting battery for its size. and delicious flavor producer.
its super quiet and not loud. good vapor.
its perfect which is why even tho i have larger pod devices i gravitate to this perfect pod.

but i would like to know 2 questions.
1) why dont they make pod devices with wireless charging like they do with phones and smart watches?
the reason is with wireless charging it doesnt matter if i have a micro usb or a type c charger around. and not looking for the right charger for the device.
2) bluetooth capability so if i lose my pod device because it so small, i can find it? i know this depletes battery but sometimes i do lose my device because of how small it is.
3)why dont they make the pods out of the same color as the device? if i buy a red pod device the pod is still black instead of red. i hate that.


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also i like the design of the mlife m15b.
it looks very good in design. reminds me alot of the original moti pod. before moti went in the wrong direction and started selling closed pod systems. which is why moti company sucks now.

the m30 looks amazing too. even better design imo. i will probably buy both.

oh yea. another thing customers would like is selling skin decals themselves so one can buy a cool skin decal along with the device. maybe even customizable skin.
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Why flood a market with product that isn't durable?

Why create a dependence upon a good with such excess retail cost?

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