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What did YOU do in this Autumn? Let's check it out

Shenzhen XTAR

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What does XTAR has been doing in autumn? Let’s check it out real quick.

VAPE KOREA EXPO 2018 was held on September 7-9th, 2018 in Seoul, Korea. It is the first vape show held in Korea, has already drawn a lot of attention from vaping communities across the globe. Of course, there is no reason for XTAR not to attend it.

At the exhibition, XTAR showcased the newest products covering compact design portable chargers and high power fast chargers. PB2--new renovation of tradition charger, it must sounds familiar to you. XTAR launched it in the first half year, aimed to break the rules of the old school style, letting we know PB2 is more than a charger. What’ more, XTAR MC1S and MC2S are the upgraded version of MC1 and MC2, which power up the charging current from 0.5A to 1A.

XTAR is giving Korean vapers a new conception of chargers. More safe, more fast, more convenient.

With nearly 20 hours flight, XTAR came down to South Florida---Miami for World Vapor Expo 2018, which was taken place on September 14-16th. The World Vapor Expo is a hybrid B2B & B2C electronic cigarette conference, the largest and first of it’s kind.

“We’re excited and proud to come here again” said by XTAR CEO David. “we’ve attended many expos in the states before but we still feel very excited this time, the marketing is changing so fast, so does XTAR, we are bringing more new products there” and follow them on [email protected] and [email protected]_official for more surprises.

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