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What's a good alternative 'ceramic coil' that can be used in Target Tanks?


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I believe Vaporesso is one of the most passionate and innovative companies in the industry
and 0.9ohm Kanthal cCells are awesome!
After installing a new Kanthal cCell into my Target tank and filling up with some 60/40 juice,
I would barely need to give the juice 2 minutes to wick.
No unpleasant burnt or dry hits, only the truly delicious flavors of my juices.
Plus, they seemed to last an extra extra long time.

"They are excellent coils"

But lately there is indeed quality issues with a large amount of these coils.
There is a very good chance that the next new Kanthal coil taken from the same box of 5 new coils,
won't ever become wicked properly. Tank full after tank full, hour after hour,
Only consistent dry hits. Why? Aren't these coils nearly identical?
Out of a new box of 5 coils there might only be 3 that work the way they should...
...sometimes just 2 ... and sometimes only 1.
What exactly is causing this coils unwillingness to be wicked?
I thought perhaps it was just my imagination,
but I am obviously not the only one who has experienced this problem.
Is it the result of an issue during a manufacturing process?
Can I send defective coils somewhere to get a refund?
Could they be counterfeits?

!!! "They are 'usually' excellent coils" !!!

What is a good alternative 'ceramic coil'
that will fit in Vaporesso Tanks?

Target Tanks | Gemini Tanks

Usually the Kanthal coils wick very fast, even when using high VG juices.
The flavors produced are amazing and pure, and the coils seem to have an Extra Long life.


I forgot
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NONE of these are equal replacements for the .9 Vaporesso cCell (WHEN they are working properly)
This is an OLD list but all of these will work.
I'm sure that since I started working on this list more have came out but I stopped updating it due to lack of interest.

Amigo Donner 22 - 4ml - Bottom Fill
Anyvape Fury Tank - 5ml - Top Fill
Anyvape SegaTank - 4.5ml - Top Fill
Anyvape Peakomizer 2.0 Mega Sub -
Aspire Atlantis Mega - 5ml - Bottom Fill
Aspire Atlantis V1 & V2 -
Aspire Triton V1 & V2 -
Beyond Vape Silo Beast - 5ml - Top Fill
EHPRO & Eciggity Morph Tank - 4.8ml
Eleaf iJust2 - 5.5ml - Bottom Fill
Eleaf Lemo 3
Eleaf Melo - 5ml - Bottom Fill
Eleaf Melo2 - 4.5ml - Side Fill (top)
Eleaf Melo 3
Eleaf Melo 3 Mini
Freemax Starre - 5ml - Bottom Fill
Freemax Starre Pro - 4ml - Top Fill
Gigue Aeolus Mini
Gigue Aeolus Tank
Ovancl Espole
Playboy Vixen
Science of Vaping Eclipse
Sense Herakles
Smokme Subverter Mini
Sunone Sking Square
Thunderhead Creations-Thunderstorm Tank
Tobeco Super Tank - 4.5ml - Top Fill
Tobeco Super Tank Mini - 4ml - Top Fill
Vapeston Maganus
Vapor DNA Project Sub Ohm Saucecode
Vaporesso Gemini
Vaporesso Target
Vapor-Tek Morpheus
Vapor-Tek Morpheus V2

I started the list because with the cCell you either get one good coil and four bad ones or four good ones and one bad one.


I forgot
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After that, I reread and noticed that I missed you were asking for ceramic coils specifically.
When I started the list, there weren't many ceramics out.
Unfortunately since I didn't keep up with the list, I don't know what new is out for it.
I've moved on to many other tanks/coils and haven't messed with the Target tank in quite a while.


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Thats Ok. Thanks for the quick replies though..

Another cCell victim eh? I really wish vaporesso would sort it all out. They really are good coils.... when you get lucky.
So what coils did you go to next? Have you found some that also deliver the great flavor of the ccell kanthals?

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I forgot
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There is nothing the same as the .9 cCell when it is in the Vaporesso Target.
However O moved onto the following and have enjoyed them all.
In NO particular order;
Aspire Cleito (original) using the .2 coil at 45-60 watts depending on what mod it is used on.
HorizonTech Cerakoat (almost identicle to the Cleito but not interchangeable due to the top threats on the coil) using the .3 (ClaptonX3) at 45 watts.
SMOK Micro TFV4 using the .3 CLP2 at 45-55 watts depending on what mod it is used on.
Smok Minos 25 using the .3 M2 Rebuildable Deck (they have marked as "Fe-Cr and Nickel-Chromium wire pre-installed") at 70-75 watts.
Sense Herakles RTA-2 using .2 Dual Claptons at 120 watts (coils are .32 mm 24+30 GA 0.55 ohm each)
IJOY Limitless RDTA PLUS using .15 (whatever was in it when I opened it 3 days ago)
Tobeco Super Tank (original) using .2 at 50-60 watts.
Wotofo Steam Engine using .7 at 50-60 watts
FreeMax Starre Pro using .25 Ni200 at 80 Watts 540° 0.00620 or .15 Ni200 at 100 Watts 550° 0.00620 (Smok H-Priv)
Horizon Arctic V8 using .2 V8 at 70 watts
Sense Herakles (or many others from the previous list using the .6 coils at 53 watts.

I'd say my current choices would be the TFV4 Micro or the Smok Minos 25 using the coils listed above.
The TFV4 Micro has just been producing absolute amazing flavor.

You wont find a direct replacement for the flavor you are currently getting.
But with as many tanks/coils available, you'll find new and different setups to provide you with a totally different experience that'll be fulfilling in an entirely different way.
Hope this helps.
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Sounds good. Thanks

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