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Why we CAN'T talk about certain things in the forums

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This post was shamelessly stolen from @VapeTechnologies because it is such an excellent write up it needed it's own thread to be prominently displayed, rather than buried 450+ posts in another thread. The topic of discussion is one that is forbidden on most forums, but never have I seen such a good description of why it is forbidden. Fell free to P.M. me if you can't figure out what is being discussed and I will fill you in privately.

------------Stolen Post Below------------- :)

This was a general "rule" throughout the entire vape community that drove me absolutely f'n NUTS for a long time, until I understood why.

See, the media and governing entities are working real hard to ban vaping altogether because the ruling class is seeing tremendous profit losses with the vast majority of people that have been able to quit smoking cigarettes. And that's a number that grows on a daily basis. Look up "tobacco bonds" for more info on that aspect. The government looked at tobacco taxes as a "guaranteed income" for many years to come because they know damn well that most people can't and won't quit smoking. Some pretty relevant and major deals throughout the economy were backed on these "tobacco bonds". But then, vaping came out of the woodwork and now they are scared to death.

I know that you, me, and a good handful of people here know the real story behind things and the truth about this stuff being safer than alcohol and having zero deaths contributed to it throughout the history of mankind, but a good percentage of the general public are misguided and programmed to believe it's a bad thing. But that's a whole 'nother story that has a lot to do with money and politics, and very similar tactics used in the war on vaping, ie: misinformation, propaganda, and fear mongering, LIES.

Now let me just say that I've been heavily involved with activism over the past 10+ years. I've changed a lot of minds and put in a LOT of work on behalf of the movement, but we NEED to respect this rule. WHY? Because it adds fuel to the fire. It gives the media more ammo and more reasons to give the "sheeple" altered perspectives and biased opinions about vaping. And until vaping has secured it's spot in the economy, we're really treading on thin ice here, so it's more important now than ever to keep the image squeaky clean as long as we're under the magnifying glass and taking the punches.

It's really sad to think about the advancements and breakthrough technologies we could manifest in these forums with networking and knowledge sharing because there's no doubt in my mind that it would amount to many lives being saved, but this is just one of those instances where we need to bite the bullet and "understand" the meaning behind this notion.

Mods, I tried very hard to word this as best as I could while keeping it as safe, but this is a very common question a lot of new vapers just don't understand and I hope it clears things up for them, which in turn will result in less controversy on the topic.

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