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Wonder what could cause this?

Rooster Cogburn

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Lawmakers doing everything they can to crush the industry couldn’t be the cause of this. Running commercials about how dangerous vaping is while ignoring cigarettes. Well everyone involved in demonizing vaping has lost their soul. Sad day



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The numbers given are cigarettes sold...
203.7-202.9=0.8 billion=800 million/20=40 million more packs sold
331.4 million people * 77.9 % adults = 258,160,600 adults * 14.1 % cigarette smokers = 36.4 million
40 million more packs across 36 1/2 million people over 365 days
Include about 5 1/2 million underage smokers = 42 million smokers & 40 million more packs
during pandemic lockdowns

More media sensationalism than national trend.

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