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WTB Thinkvape Zeta/Thor AIO RBA


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So I did something dumb that I haven’t done for a few years now, and I’m embarrassed that I made the mistake again…now I’m trying to remedy it.
I try to only buy AIO’s, sub tanks, etc that have an available RBA option. I’ve had a few tanks I loved and then the company stopped making coils for the device, effectively making it a paperweight. Plus, I LOVE building…for me, it’s half of the fun of vaping. Anyway, I saw a Thinkvape Thor AIO on sale for like $11, read a few of the reviews for it (mostly positive), and saw there is an RBA available for it, so I pulled the trigger and bought it. Immediately AFTER purchasing it, I started looking for the RBA, and apart from a site in Indonesia and another in UAE, neither of which seem to ship to the US, I can’t find a single one for sale ANYWHERE. If I can’t find the RBA, I guess I’ll keep buying coils until they stop making them. Anyone out there in VU-land have one of these laying around that I could buy or trade for? Thanks for reading.

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