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Good afternoon vaping underground! So, I've been in the hobby awhile now and I think I finnally found my endgame, so I'm trying to get rid of some of my higher end stuff that just doesn't get used. I apologize for the terrible pictures, I will gladly take more on request, my desk just doesn't have alot of space lol. The post office closes at 1600 today EST so if sales go through I can get it out to you today.

DMHE Necronom Infurnum with Matching 30 mm RDA - $400. A beautiful series fully mechanical mod, Aluminum body to keep it as lightweight as possible, polished naval brass plates on the sides, magnetic detonator switch and silver plated copper contacts. Takes 2x700 and 18650 batteries with adaptors (provided) comes with original packaging. Mod SN 66, RDA SN 49. Mod sells for $375 on their website, RDA for $150.

League of Scoundrels Luk mod brass $350 - This was purchased directly from Cloudist store, and I believe Jwill is on here, its an amazing mech, before I bought this I honestly thought the idea of "hard hitters" when comparing mech mods was snake oil, but constantly I find myself going back to this when I'm using a 21700, its been my daily for a few months now and if it doesn't sell it will go back to being my daily, just figured I'd throw it out there to see if it'll sell, I've always used it as a single battery, but it comes with a stack section for series usage. Takes 18650's with a provided adaptors, 2x700s no problem. SN 23 with original packaging and unused polishing rag, will give it a good polish before I send it out with my own materials.

Rig Pig series 18650 with matching Roughneck RDA - $130. Murdered out brass construction and copper contacts. It was my first series mech mod, and I built it once, didn't like my build, and never touched it again. I had built it really low. .3 ohms I believe and the vape was very hot and not enjoyable for me. It wasn't until I bought the Necronom and built around .5 that I finally got an enjoyable vape from a series build. Roughneck RDA screws directly onto the mod to make a direct hybrid connection, comes with a hybrid disk so you can use your own RDA as well, providing the 510 pin protrudes enough.

Unicorn Vapes Knurled black, Copper mech. With RDA $75, without RDA $45 - One of my first mechs purchased, the owner was kind enough to send me extras when he found out I was military, beautiful simple mechanical mods, takes 2x700s or 18650s with adaptors. Rda is very similar to the bonza 1.5 in terms of airflow and coil placement.

I'm kind of not entertaining any trades but I'm looking for 22 mm RDAs and RTAs, 22mm 18650 mech mods, and maybe a skeleton key. LMK what you all have and thank you for your time.


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I know this guy, he is legit. How you doing bud?


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honestly it might be up here for awhile, Im not really expecting for it to sell like hotcakes haha
a grown up's dilemma, having the disposable money to spend on what you feel like.... having THE wife that wont let you


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Agreed, that Necronom is insanely, ridiculously, utterly sick. I want one. GLWTS

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