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    First of all, Hey. My name is Matthew and I am the owner (Company Director if you want it to sound cool) of Modstar Vaping.

    ModstarVaping is a UK startup, born in Derby. I have been vaping for well over 3 years now and I love it, I took to it after giving up the traditional cigarettes and I've never looked back.

    I want to promote a healthier alternative to smoking and thus Modstar was born, as well as promoting a healthier alternative to smoking we also aim to be one of the cheapest vendors for liquids.

    As it stands the company is ran by me alone, that means I do all of the promotional work, I take orders and I get them shipped out to my customers. As anyone who runs a business can appreciate it is a lot of work for one man, but I believe in the business and LOVE the products that I sell.

    This post I guess, is a handshake extended my reach to the vaping community.

    If you want to, check out our website, browse our range and If you like what you see pick up a good deal on your liquids, we currently offer ZERO TAX and FREE shipping on liquids. Mods and other peripherals are exempt from this rule due to costing.


    You can get 10% Off your entire order using code VAPEUNDERG10

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    Nice! Too bad I’m in the USA. Good luck with your business venture!

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