Aaron Biebert, Director of A Billion Lives comes to VU Live - Tuesday Jan 19th 8pm EST

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    May 18, 2014
    JOIN US!!
    Tuesday, Jan 19th @ 8pm EST

    Aaron Biebert director of A Billion Lives
    will be the special guest on
    Ohm Field Advantage

    with Hosts NOS8ntsJay & SaintsVaper


    Join us Tuesday Jan 19th from 8-10 PM EST, with our special guest, Aaron Biebert , director of A Billion Lives
    as we discuss this amazing movie and his journey to put it together.
    This is a very special show for OFA an excellent chance to hear about A Billion Lives and ask Aaron some questions.


    #abillionlives #notblowingsmoke @TeamOhmField

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