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    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi All, Anthony Vapes back here with a text review and video link here

    for my honest review of the Smoant Rabox Mod. Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purpose of this review from Smoant, but that will in no way shape or form influence my review.

    The Smoant Rabox is a Semi-regulated mod. It’s a semi-adjustable (hard and soft mode) ourput mod with built in lipo battery (3300mah) capable of 100 watts. It comes in 3 colors Black, Red, and White. It has a see through design where you can see the chip and wiring. The chip itself is coated so leaking juice won’t cause it to short out. It’s a unique mod with a handmade SS304 frame and looks like a mini gaming PC.

    Manufacturers Specs:
    Size: 70mm(L) *31mm(W) *90mm(H)

    Net weight: 288g

    Unique looking unregulated mod

    Minimum Resistance .1 Ohm

    Purely Handmade Welding Stainless Steel 304 Frame

    Max output power: 100W

    Adjustable HIGH/SOFT Mode

    Built-in 3300mAh battery

    Nano waterproof coated over PCB to greatly prevent water damage.

    Testing Results
    Chart Link: http://i.imgur.com/3OiMzQZ.png

    Pics Fire button http://i.imgur.com/ITc8nJC.png

    Backside of chip http://i.imgur.com/lHgXews.jpg

    Front side of chip http://i.imgur.com/v1OkkpI.png

    Battery http://i.imgur.com/Co3lGq8.png

    Initial Impressions and features
    When I first got this mod, My initial impressions was It’s a large and heavy mod. This mod is just a beast. It feels very well built, it looks cool and it’s simple to use. It’s a unique mod I’ve looked at for a while but never quite pulled the trigger on. To me it looks like a mini gaming PC. It’s not something you see at vape shops everyday. It’s frame is wide enough to accommodate 30mm atomizers and still look good. The Board and internals all look nice and clean and it’s wired up very good. The 510 pin on it is solid with the chip grounded off of it. It’s wired very nice and it’s easy to see that.

    Watt Mode Performance
    Let’s get into some data. I ran tests at .1, .15, .2 and .53 for the high resistance. There are only 2 settings to test Soft and hard. For .2 or less, they both output the same. At .1 I got 3.266 volts (107 watts 33 amps) at .15 I got 3.476 volts (81 watts 23 amps) at .2 I got 3.582 volts (64 watts 18 amps). Clearly at 2.0 and under it’s going to be limited which is why they recommend building around a .3 ohm resistance. It did do over the 100 watt limit they claim so it does meet and exceed their listed specs. Also got 33 amps from the chip. With the .53 ohm build it worked as expected. Soft produced 3.792 volts ( 27 watts 7 amps) while hard produced 4.949 Volts (46 watts 9 amps) this goes in line with what Smoant posts about the soft/hard mode. I’ll put the limits at 33 amps, 5 volts, and 107 watts. The only note during my testing is at the lower resistance in hard mode, even though the voltage didn’t change, the signal output was different. This is not something you’d see with a multi-meter or feel in your vape, but it was interesting so I noted it. The highs were higher and lows were lower in pulses. Like it wanted to put out more, but the safety features and limitations prevented it. Overall it performs as it’s supposed to so no complaints, but is much better with builds between .3 and .6 ohms depending how you like your vape. I’ve been vaping around a .34 single coil in my pharaoh RTA in high mode and it’s a fantastic vape (seen in video)

    Temperature Control
    NA – this device does not support temp control.

    Overall Impressions
    Not a lot to say about this device. It’s a very simple and straightforward device. Personally I love it, it’s a very unique device that delivers on it’s promises. While it may not be a mod for everyone, it sure fits my likes. It’s a solid well built mod that can handle big atomizers, looks great and delivers what it claims. It’s not a device made for super low ohm builds like .1 to .2 that need high wattages but it’s a great device for people who like to build and can build within the limitations of the mod

    • Well built mod
    • Unique Looks and see through casing
    • Handles 30mm attys without overhang
    • BB style fire button
    • Performance. Delivers as promised and then some
    • Lack of adjustments (not friendly for new builders/vapers)
    So with all that said, do I recommend this mod? I don’t like to do hard yes or no, This one is kinda in the middle because I feel it’s a niche mod. It’s not a blanket mod that anyone can use successfully. It’s not a mod made for new builders or people who want to slap on a TFV8 to it. However for the people that like niche mods, people that like mechs and know how to build for them or hexohm 2.1 (very similar specs to it) I think it’s a mod you would love. If you were looking at it and understand the limitations and know how to build for it, You would be very happy with this mod. I’m going to add it into my sheet under a category for unique mods and mech mods that aren’t for beginners.

    For good recommendations feel free to check out my google sheet of recommendations located here googlesheet this sheet will be updated regularly so feel free to bookmark it. It has 3 tabs one for juice, one for mods, and 1 for attys

    I want to thank you guys for reading (or watching or both). Stay tuned later this week for more reviews. Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing the Vapelfy Nicolas tank and later this week I’ll have the mad dog RDA, the OBS engine RTA, and an update to the pharaoh RTA Feel free to subscribe to my channel to see all my reviews and receive notifications when they get posted.

    As always I am Anthony Vapes and I’m just keeping it Honest, Hopefully you all can say you are doing the same and I’ll see you on the next review
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