Do you know pod system vape?

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    Aug 14, 2014
    Let me go , I don't wanna be your hero, i don't wanna be a big man......This guy Indulgence Hiro Pod vape kit, always make me think of Family of the year's song Hero. If don't wanna be someone's hero, so "Be your own Hiro".
    Hiro is a pod mod by Indulgence, features a 400mAh battery and Micro-USB charging. This AIO vape is a semi-closed system,with 1.8-milliliter cartridges that can be filled with e-liquid of vaper's choice, as well pre-filled cartridges featuring the popular flavors. It retaining the ease-of-use also suitable for newcomers.
    Actually i just know this item recently, before getting the Hiro Pod, i didn't know any other familiar ecigs. Is this kind of ecigs popular in the market now? If you know that, could you tell me?

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