Electronic cigarettes and vaping, a summary of recent events

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    Jun 28, 2014
    The Electronic Ciagrette, a summary of recent events
    Posted by brian yaeger on 8/15/2014 to Vaping News & Story's
    The Electronic Cigarette

    A summary of recent events

    The electronic cigarette has been a lifesaver for many people who have been trying to quit smoking but have found they are unable to alleviate themselves from the crutches of nicotine addiction. These electronic devices have been a hot topic among politicians on just how to regulate, and control the sale of them. The tobacco industry is relentlessly trying to come up with ways to get their greedy hands into the market as well. This in itself makes it harder for a small business like the one I own to compete with companies that have billions of dollars to persuade the FDA to vote in whatever direction they want.

    The FDA has been working on how to regulate a market that has seen two billion in sales in just the last year. There are many concerns about the marketing towards kids, and their health implications as no long term studies have been conducted. As the battle rages on among organizations like the Consumer Advocacy for a Safe Smoking Alternative (CASSA) against the FDA many proposed rules have been suggested that would essentially snuff out many electronic cigarettes businesses. One such rule that has been proposed is called the substantial equivalent rule. This rule basically states that if your device is not equivalent to the devices before 2007 than it will be taken off the market. Well, considering most devices had not been developed till about 2009 that would mean that just about all the e-cigs on the market today would be taken off the shelves of many stores. At that point you would have to go through a long and costly process that could be in excess of the millions to prove your device worthy of the FDA standard. As stated before this would essentially kill many manufactures and by proxy kill my business. The FDA also made it very clear that they would only be accepting 20 applications a year due to the “Paperwork Act” that aims to reduce the amount of paper used to better help the environment. This is just another way for them to stop electronic cigarettes from getting to market. The fact is that they would like to label electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product and tax them accordingly.

    Moving on, the tobacco industry is one of the biggest players in the electronic cigarette market and they have the muscle to crush all opponents. They use big time lawyers, and big money to sway politicians one way or another as stated earlier. They hold the biggest market share as of now with BLU E-Cigs which has about a 40% market share. That is a huge number when we are talking about two billion in sales last year. It is predicted that number will increase exponentially over the next ten years as electronic cigarettes become more and more popular.

    The electronic cigarette has been on an upstream when it comes to sales because they are affecting three major markets. The first market is pop culture, and with famous actors taking to these devices it has spread to the youth. They also appeal to the younger generation because you can build your own electronic cigarettes if you choose. There are many different styles and choices when doing so you can get the look you want. Who doesn’t want that? The next market it is effecting is the medical industry since e-cigs are so effective in helping people quit smoking. No longer do people have to buy nicotine patches, gum, or prescription medications to quit. The electronic cigarette eliminates all that cost dramatically because the average cost a month is around 20 dollars. That is much cheaper than all of the other alternatives that you can purchase making it a viable solution to the nicotine addict. The third market is the tobacco industry itself which is scrambling to create devices that are much like the ones you can buy at your local vape shop. They have seen a large decline in the amount of traditional cigarettes being purchased which I am sure is setting off alarm bells at companies like Marlboro, Lorriad, and others that sell traditional tobacco.

    The fact is that e-cigs are a much safer and healthier alternative than the traditional cigarette. They have no carcinogens, because there is no smoke produced from these devices. The short term research that has been published suggest that not only are they safer for the user, but they are safer for the people around them .The scientist that have conducted the research state that there is no harmful effect from the second-hand vapor that is produced from electronic cigarettes. There are many other scientific research projects that are being conducted to better understand the effects of e-cigs so that the FDA may better regulate them. I just hope they do not stick their own moral beliefs into the equation, and stick to the pure science when making their decisions.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that electronic cigarettes are definitely fighting an uphill battle against the government and the big tobacco industry. There will need to be a lot more involvement from consumers and manufacturers if there will ever be final ruling that is fair and balanced. There will also need to be more research proving that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative then the latter. I just hope that a decision is made purely based on the facts and not the opinions of someone who has never had to fight the addiction to nicotine.
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