Found 510 threaded inserts for custom atty stands...

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    Feb 1, 2016
    So Ive been searching for a 510 threaded nut or insert for the atty stand I build the other week, and Ive just come up short everywhere I look. I couldnt find a 510 threaded nut to save my life (yes, I know the size is the M7 x.5, but they just dont make them widely available), all I could find is the taps and dies in that size...until today.

    Finally found some 510 threaded inserts made specifically for atty stands. In my original search for the 510 nuts, I came across several threads with people asking where to get them and none of them ever produced results (minus one that linked to an ebay seller with them, but hes since long closed up shop and wont return messages), so I figured Id post about it and share the link for anyone else that wants them.

    They are a little pricey and are located in the UK, but if you just gotta have them, here they are. (If youre serious about getting them, I contacted the company and they gave me a 10% code. I wont post it publicly but if you want it, PM me.)

    ***Just btw, Im not employed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with this vendor.
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    Nov 21, 2016
    Hiya. I am so happy to have come across your thread. I have had exactly the same problem as you did. Been looking everywhere for atty threds to make my own box and holder.

    I am amazed you found them. I actually live in the uk and could not find anything.

    You mentioned a discount code. would you still have it by chance.

    They still sell them and i need quite a few so disc would be great.

    Many thanks

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