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    May 19, 2017
    Hello :)
    A little backstory first.
    I started vaping about one and a half year ago. Before that I had been smoking cigarettes for about 16 years.
    My first vaping device was a "Joyetech e roll c". I liked this since it was like a cigarette and I enjoyed smoking. (My better half wanted me to stop cigarettes so this was the compromise).
    In Paris I purchased a nice pipe from "Materia" with a Aspire mini-vivinova tank.
    Later on in London I purchased a Endura T18 and a T22 and also a Smok Guardian III. (that I usually use around 26-28W)
    I got myself a Eleaf IPower with a Amigo Riptide tank. (I usually use this around 22-26W)
    The Enduras, however, started to become flooded and didn't really work that much for me any more so I switched them out with a Joyetech eGo Aio PRO (which is just a sad purchase in it self with the microscopic holes and back-spit).
    A few months ago I got myself a ePuffer 629 R3 pipe. I love it!
    So to my question, I feel I'm kind of over the big clouds and power form the bigger mods I have and would like some kind of stick with the same qualities as the ePuffer/E-roll, without a firing button, just fires by drags. (heard something about Malle but don't know if the capacity of the tank is enough).
    Does anyone have some experiences or tips aboud something like this? :)

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