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    Signature Mods - SQ217 Full Review

    Here is my review of the SQ217 Dark Edition by Signature Mods, this is the first review I’ve ever bothered to do, so hope it’s ok and informative.

    Background info on myself as it’s my first review:

    I started vaping in January of this year. I started with a Kroma kit with Zenith tank.

    I graduated to a vaporesso luxe with SKRR about 2 months later

    Tried a few different stock coil tanks and got bored of inconsistent coils and leaking so moved on to RTA’s, all the RTA’s I tried leaked to some degree, some better than others but they all leaked eventually, despite using all kinds of wicking options.

    So I finally moved onto RDA’s and that was the leaking issue sorted (I despise leaking by the way)

    I then realised this wasn’t practical as I do a lot of driving with work and dripping and driving are not good partners in crime.

    Of course the solution was a squonker so I went with the Topside Dual, an excellent mod, if a little large and unwieldy

    I needed something smaller so a single battery mech mod was the way to go, but it needed to have comparable battery life so 21700 was a must. I was vaping dual coil RDA’s on the topside for quite a while but switched back to single coil as they suit my tastes better, hence why I wanted a smaller mod- 22mm RDA’s look like nipples on the topside dual.

    The jwell krome squonker was my solution, a sleek mech mod that supports 21700’s and had a few safety features thrown in, well I soon realised that though this solved the problem of size it still had the inconvenience of having to click 5 times on and off, a real pain when driving (you may say well just turn it on and leave it on, well #OCD makes me have to turn it off after each vaping session, so that isn’t an option, alright!)

    Queue the worst decision I’ve made in my vape journey because I’m an idiot, getting a purge rebellion Squonk thinking a 21700 will fit after watching some YouTube reviews, it didn’t. So I modified the tray with a handsaw and it did, sort of, if it was forced in with the strength of a roid head wielding a sledge hammer. The door rocked slightly, ohhhh no no that won’t do, this mod is trash, sell it mike. So I did.

    Queue the best decision I’ve made in my vape journey and leads us also onto the review.

    Thanks for bearing with me, here we go.

    SQ217 Dark Edition- Here’s a photo to start off


    Looks pretty good right? I think so anyway

    Build Quality

    Truly next level quality, shits all over the Purge, but you’d expect so for £195 and it does not disappoint.

    Tolerances are all perfect, not even a micron of play on the doors. Battery’s fit in perfect as do the Squonk bottles, I’m looking at you Purge Redemption, you dolt.


    Small, but not too small design and fits in the hand perfectly (I have largish hands), loads of different door options. I chose the dark edition because it’s just cool as fuck right?

    As I said above the batteries fit in perfectly and if you remove the rear door there’s a cut out in the tray so you can just push the battery out from the rear, great design choice right there. The design of the button contact is also well thought out as it has a very small contact surface area

    It means that arcing is vastly reduced and cleaning the contact is a lot easier than if it was a larger surface area like on some other mech boxes (Purge, you fecks), another great choice

    The button itself is square with a perfect amount of throw, and the fact it’s recessed into the finger groove means accidental firing is all but eliminated and without the need for a locking feature, another great piece of design.

    The 510 pin isn’t spring loaded which could be a con for some but this is the first mod I’ve had without a spring loaded pin and it’s really easy to adjust for the different length pins on RDA’s, though it is reverse threaded so you have keep in mind that it’s lefty-tightey righty-loosey. It is obviously a conscious choice Signature Tips have made to have a springless pin like this as springs cost next to nothing, by doing it this way it means there is no voltage going through a spring that could result in a drop, and this mod is set up to hit as hard as possible with its solid silver contacts helping with that too. Which brings us onto performance..

    Performance inc. Squonk system

    Ive so far used the DPro mini and the Vaperz Cloud Shogun (review of that coming soon) with builds from about .29 to .38 and I can say that it hits a lot harder than the krome Squonk and the Purge with similar builds (I only had the DPro mini at the time I was using those mods) and the same batteries. The battery seems to last a lot longer too. I’m getting a full day with my current builds using Molicel P42A’s.

    Filling up the Squonk bottle was a little fiddly at first but I’ve since found the quickest and easiest way to refill and connect to the mod without liquid flooding out of the bottle tube, it goes like this:

    Insert the tube, with it fed through lid, onto the mod connection first

    Then slide the filled bottle up into the tube

    Then comes the genius part, the cut out on the back side of the sled allows you to screw the lid on from both sides, zero leaks using this method even with a really full bottle.

    Doing it the other way, attaching the filled bottle with lid and tube all connected together, onto the mod connection, always resulted in leaks for me as the slightest of pressure onto the bottle causes liquid to flood out of the top of the tube. Great that this mod allows for a zero leak method of filling. There’s even an O-ring in the 510 to prevent any leaks into the mod

    Value for money

    It is expensive, more than I would normally want to pay. However you definitely get what you pay for. All the components are easily swapped out and spares are readily available from their website (doors, trays, buttons etc) that also allow you to customise the look of your mod. I’ve gone for lime green button and drip tip in keeping with the joker theme.

    It’s a mod that’s built to last and easy to maintain.


    It would have to be a very very good mod indeed to beat this, and in fact this is so good it’s near faultless, with the non-spring 510 pin being the only negative, for some not for me, and even that comes with a solid pro regarding reduced voltage drop.

    I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a 21700 mech Squonk mod who is struggling with what to choose. Don’t do what I did and purchase the other mods I’ve mentioned as they are nowhere near on this level, just get this, save up if you have to but it’ll be worth it to buy once and buy right.


    -Solid, ergonomic and thoughtful design, customisable

    -Perfect Tolerances throughout

    -Hits like a Falcon Heavy (solid silver contacts, solid 510, next to no voltage drop)

    -Great battery life

    -Easy to maintain and readily available replacement parts

    -Recessed fire button prevents accidental firing

    -Made completely in the UK (except for the Wotofo Squonk bottle)

    -The best Squonk/mech/mod in general, that I’ve used


    -None personally

    Subjective Con’s (not for me but could bother you)


    -Non-sspring loaded 510 means you have to adjust it to the RDA you’re using.

    Let me know your opinions/feedback on the Mod/my review below!
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    Let me get this straight. Buying a 20700 mod and then considering it the worst vaping decision you've ever made because it wouldn't fit the wrong battery size makes the mod trash, am I reading this correctly?

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