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    Apr 9, 2017
    Hi Vaping Underground members, In this review i take a look at the Draco 200W Box Mod from Modefined (Lost Vape). The Modefined Draco 200W Box Mod was supplied for the purpose of this review by Ella from Sourcemore.



    Lost Vape in my opinion have released some top quality DNA devices, obviously although not over expensive they are still over quite a few peoples budget or simply how much someone is willing to spend on a vaping device. Modefined is a relatively new spin off company releasing devices that keep the high quality you would expect from Lost Vape but without the expensive (justifiable so, IMO) DNA Chipset. The Draco is the fourth such device and certainly on appearances alone in my opinion the best, Modefined devices do have a high end look all of their own. You may have seen the Draco pictured in a couple of Atomizer reviews i have already done as i have been using the device on and off for a while, was it a pleasure? Lets find out.

    In the Box



    1x Draco Box Mod
    1x Micro USB cable
    1x Gift box
    1x User Manual

    Aesthetics and Ergonomics

    The Draco comes in the normal padded box with sleeve packaging as is the norm with Modefined products. The device is more of a dual 2X700 size and slightly larger than expected. I love the shape and finish of the device especially the G10 material side panels with seamed design finish which help make the mod both feel very comfortable in the hand but also gives the Draco a very original aesthetic look. I received the Blue version, the Draco is also available in Light Grey, Black and Red, all colours look very nice. The front of the device is dominated by the 2" screen with the modefined logo and "MODEFINED" printed at the bottom of the screen cover. Below the screen we have the nicely spaced navigational buttons in the same colour as the device then centrally positioned in the bottom section of the front we have a large round Silver select button, finally central bottom is the micro USB port. Both sides have the very nice G10 panels already mentioned, on one side towards the top is a nice sized curved oval fire button. The back of the device is featureless apart from top right we have venting for the chip, the bottom is the battery hatch door which has a catch plus printed in White, branding and safety stamps. The top sees the 510 plate positioned to one side with spring loaded 510. I would describe the finish as high end, with absolutely no rattles whatsoever.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Draco Specs and Features:

    5W - 200W Output Wattage
    VW/TC/TCR Working Modes
    2.0-inch full-color screen
    100-315°C/212-600°F Temperature Range
    Zinc Alloy & G10 Body Material
    Dual 18650 cells with 200W max output
    Unique smart chipset with high performance
    Spring loaded nickel plated brass centre pin
    2.0-inch full color screen
    Zinc alloy & G10 body material
    Flip-open battery sled
    Upgradable firmware setting
    510 thread
    2 x 18650 cells (not included)
    Size: 92.8 x 50 x 29.4mm
    Colours: Light Grey, Black, Blue, Red


    Fitting the batteries

    The battery hatch at the bottom of the device has a catch which needs physically moving to the open or shut position to open or secure the door. The door is spring loaded and very sturdy, it fastens very securely both with or without batteries. The orientation isn't labelled inside the battery compartment and orientation on the door is etched on the contacts i would much prefer White markings, orientation labelling needs to be better.


    The Display

    I don't normally have this section but just include anything about the display in the next section, but i have been loving the very aesthetically pleasing display, layout and Customizable themes that much i wanted to cover it in a bit more depth than usual. The display is bright (the brightness is adjustable) and Modefined have done a great job of the layout and use of colours. The high resolution display is very sharp and has a very unique eye pleasing look. It is not just the main screen but the whole menu that is very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion and looks different to other displays i have come across. The Draco has 2 themes which have different layouts, theme A allows you to change the colour of the highlighted sections of the display, the options are Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow, White and Green. Theme B allows for the same highlighted sections of the screen to be changed using 5 of the same colours but in this theme each colour also changes the design of the background. The options are Yellow with Wood-grain design, Purple with Diamond design, White with plain Blue background, Orange with Diamond design (larger diamonds than Purple design) and Blue with Honeycomb design.


    Review Continues Below:
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    Apr 9, 2017
    Review Continued:

    Using the Draco

    The device comes on automatically when batteries are fitted but is locked, to unlock and lock the device is 5 clicks of the fire button with no option to switch off the device other than removing the batteries. The device has a select button as well as your 2 navigational buttons so using the device is a breeze if sometimes long winded to get to certain options. On the main screen you can use the navigational buttons to highlight certain options then press select, this now allows you to alter the selected option before pressing select again to set your alterations. The main menu is in 2 sections, your mode section and settings, the mode section has 2 pages of options while the settings section has 4 so the device is packed with features. If you move to the displayed mode on the main screen and select it the display changes to the available options which are, Power, Bypass, SS, Ni, Ti, TCR, M1, M2, M3 and M4. When back on the main screen moving to the settings wheel and selecting brings up the 4 pages of options which include, reset puff, vape time, stress Res, TCR (enter values), curve settings (love this on the device), compensate temp, Temp unit, boost mode (preheats), auto lock, sleep time, theme (choose between the 2 themes), switch clock, font (choose between 3 different fonts), choose between colours for theme A, choose between designs for theme B, adjust brightness, set time and date, Restore, Software and hardware info and finally back to main screen. The only other thing to mention is when in temp control wattage replaces volts, moving to this and pressing the select button allows you to alter wattage for temp control.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My Experience Using the Draco

    I have been using the Draco with a couple of new atomizers i have been testing along with a couple of my favourites. I have used it from 14w (it stayed impressively silent) up to roughly the 100w mark and it didn't miss a beat with all wattage's vaped seeming accurate. I must say at this point i don't have access to data or do temp control so only review devices as a personal experience. As far as hitting the 200w mark goes i really can't be certain but if not i'm confident it won't be far off, also i have not heard anything negative about temp control. As you would expect the Draco fires with no noticeable delay and the feel of the fire button is delightful, in fact the whole feel of the device in hand is spot on with the side finish having a very nice feeling finish. The Battery life didn't seem the best though and sometimes getting to the option you want in the menu can take a while but it's simple enough. The device has all the features to pretty much satisfy any vaper and i particularly enjoyed using the curves on the device. Up to a 28mm atomizer looks good on the device and the Draco is fully firmware upgradeable. The last thing to mention in this section is the scrolling is superb, it scrolls in point one increments up to 10w then changes to 1w increments, when the button to scroll is held down it changes to 5w increments.



    Although having the height of a dual 2x700 battery mod despite only accommodating 18650's the Draco still has the ergonomics to make it a suitable out and about device. With it's high end look and very good performance (in my experience) it's priced very reasonably. The Draco is packed with all the features you would expect from a top device.



    High end build quality
    High end finish and aesthetics
    Very ergonomic
    Good use of materials
    Unique looking interface (both themes) good layout and use of colours
    Sharp, large, bright display
    Up to 28mm atty's look good
    2 themes
    Very easy to use
    Select button
    Temp control
    200w max power
    Above 10w increases in 1w increments
    Very sturdy secure battery door
    Firmware Upgradeable


    Very poor marked battery orientation
    Battery life slightly under par
    Getting to certain settings takes time
    Only way to switch off device is taking batteries out


    I would once again like to thank Ella from Sourcemore for supplying the Draco for the purpose of this review.

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