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    Aug 20, 2014
    A crisp cardamom start with a creamy marzipan finish. Two of my favorite flavors from Flavourart create a rich alternative to your standard flavor profiles.

    Flavor base:
    2.5 parts Custard (FA)
    1.5 parts EM (@1/4 teaspoon crystals/10ml PG)
    1 part Marzipan (FA)
    1 part Cardamom (FA)
    1 part Cookie (FA)

    You can play around with percentage of base for your flavor density preferences. Many may like it at 2.5/1.5/1/1/1% while I like it at 5/3/2/2/2 but 14% is pretty high for Flavourart. If you don't enjoy cardamom you might want to halve it and end up with something a little more custardy. This one does require steeping. I do 8 hours in the crock pot and a day or so to rest.
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    Jun 27, 2014
    This sounds good! I like my flavors stronger, too. I will try the original recipe first, can always add to it.
    Thanks, RyGon!

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