NatureVape Coil Issues

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    Nov 8, 2017
    NatureVape Coil Issues
    Hello all- hope you are having a groovy Monday/Tuesday

    My Naturevape coil arrived today - DCD Pro coil- to replace dual coil units on my Protank Mini 3.

    One of these in 1.8 ohm

    Anyway - long story short - using it with the big green seal on - its popping, gurgling, spitting, filling my mouth with liquid - only using from between 5-8 W - actually lower than my standard 1.8ohm Kanger Dual Coils. Also very tight to screw up the base to the tank now.

    Just took the green seal off and replaced it with the flat seal from one of my normal coils - its improved slightly and not as tight to get the tank base to screw on - however still very gurgly and hissy - am I doing something really stupidly wrong?

    Im not noticing the taste and vapour sensation which is why I bought this -all Im getting is a mouth full of liquid and lots of noise?

    I did put some drops of liquid on the cotton and left it sitting in the tank for about 10 minutes before first try - then I took it off and put original back on - have just tried it again with the flat seal and its still bad?
    Its that bad I have just put my Kanger coil back on and its much better?
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