Paid Research Session for Vapers in Birmingham and Glasgow

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    Aug 3, 2016
    Hi Everyone,

    I work for a research company called Forensic Fieldwork Ltd. We spend our time working on behalf of lots of different companies talking to people like you on a whole range of topics. We’re currently looking for Vapers who regularly use a rechargeable cartridge E-cigarette or a refillable tank E-cigarette to come and take part in an event in Birmingham between 10th and 13th September or Glasgow between 15th and 18th September.

    The research involves trying 5 vaping flavours, giving your opinions on which ones you do and don’t like and then returning a day or two later and trying 5 different ones. Each of the sessions lasts for 1 hour and respondents will receive £80 at the final session for their valuable time and opinions. This event is not an attempt to sell you anything, it’s simply a research exercise and all about your opinions – you may even be asked for your feedback on a product that is yet to come to market, so not only are the sessions really interesting it’s also your chance to influence what we’ll all be vaping in the future.

    If you would like to participate or would simply like some more information please email / P.M me and include a phone number so that I can call you back.

    Please note a short questionnaire (5 minutes or so) will need to be answered to determine qualification.

    The legal stuff: This is purely a research exercise. No attempts will be made to sell you anything, neither during the session nor as a result of your participation. These rules are binding as laid down by our industry watchdog "The Market Research Society". Forensic Fieldwork Ltd is registered with the O.I.C (Data Protection Act 1998). Registration number Z3633970. At no time do we reveal any identifiable data to our client without your express permission. You will be known by first name only during the research. We require proof of ownership in order to participate

    These event are a lot of fun and it would be great to get some of you forum members along if you're in any of these areas - please contact me for more info



    Dave Taylor

    Field Manager

    Forensic Fieldwork Ltd.

    020 3435 5715 (Main)

    020 3743 2653 (Direct)

    [email protected]

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