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    Hello everyone and welcome to another review. Today I will be going over the Mono SQ by Dovpo. This device is once again a Signature Tips collaboration, where the design aspects come from Signature Tips, but Dovpo does the manufacturing. I posted a review of the Clutch a few days ago, and this is a beautiful relationship leading to solid products at lower prices. That being said, the Mono SQ is a single 18650 regulated mod, powered by the DNA75C chipset. I have been on the hunt for a compact single battery mod for lower wattage use, so this hit my hand at just the right time. Let’s get right to it eh?

    DISCLAIMER: This device was sent to me by Dovpo for review.



    • Dovpo Mono SQ mod

    • Micro-USB cable

    • Paperwork

    Available in red, green, black, and blue





    Dimensions: 87mm by 41.1mm by 27mm

    Battery: Single 18650

    Power Range: 1-75w

    Other features: DNA 75C chipset



    Ok, so Signature Tips look… check. Lightweight aluminum bod…..check. DNA75C chip…. check. These things jump out right away. The Mono SQ is essentially what happens if you chop the bottle section of a Topside SQ and replace that with a DNA chipset. The height is a hair shorter, but at 27mm wide it is the same. One big difference though, is battery. For some odd reason, I was unpleasantly greeted with a lot of extra insulators taking up the battery bay, revealing that this is only a single 18650 device. It seems like an odd choice, but that’s neither here nor there. Beyond this observation, I found that the entire mod feels solid as all get out, with strong magnets securing the doors, no rattles, and a great overall look. Since the DNA chip is on the flat side, that too is where you will find the fire button, so unlike every other SQ device, this is more of a thumb fire than a trigger finger. Let’s dig deeper and see what makes this thing tick.


    Since the DNA75C chip has been around for a long time, I am not going to sit down and go over everything with it. This is more or less a summary, so let’s go from start to finish how to run this thing.

    PART1 - Battery Bay - The battery bay of the Mono SQ is behind a magnetically secured door. Just like previous SQ devices, these are held solidly in place and machined to be wiggle free when installed. The battery pops right in with ease and has no rattle. To remove, the backside door comes off so you can push it through.

    PART2 - Atomizers and 510 - This device can handle up to a 27mm atomizer without overhang. The 510 features a large plate with a spring loaded 510. The plate is secured with screws and is machined flush to the top. No atomizers I tried had issues with sitting flush and all sat sturdy in place. Atomizers under 24mm in size will expose the shiny plate, but for the most part, this is concealed.

    PART3 - Operation - Like I said right away, I am not going to dig into this chip much. 5 clicks of the fire button locks and unlocks the device. Three clicks highlights the screen so you can scroll through and make changes. Lastly, this is a DNA chip so connecting it to a computer allows you to adjust dang near everything about the screen and settings. It is an intense, in depth chip which most people only use the tip of the iceberg with.








    (next to SQ217 for size comparison)




    Ok, so with all of the little details out there, what do I think of the Mono SQ? I am thinking that how much you will like this device is going to be greatly dependent on how you like to vape. There are a few factors to keep in mind when you look at the output of this device. First off, this is a single 18650, 75w device. It just isn’t going to work that well with dual coil RTAs or RDAs, or even some of the power hungry sub-ohm tanks on the market. I attempted to vape it, and of course, it works fine for the first little while. However, with a single 18650, the voltage starts to drop off and you just aren’t going to get the punch that these types of atomizers need to provide a satisfying experience. However, if you match this mod up with MTL or lower wattage tanks, you may have just found your new favorite device. For me, I vape all over the spectrum. When I am out and about, I like discrete devices like pods or smaller setups. When I am at home, I go big or go home and tend to use mechanical tubes and higher wattage systems. As of late, I have found that my go to method of vaping when I am not at home is with MTL tanks or RDAs. That being said, my BDVape Precisio, which I adore, was waiting for the perfect device to come around. I have had some good ones, but when it was placed on here, it was just right. I tossed a stainless steel build in (from u/badazd) placed this thing in TC and it is gorgeous. I find myself wanting to grab this for work, video games, trips around town (which are few and far between with COVID19). It hardly left my hand. I have other stuff to review, and I was giving all of my time to this setup. If you enjoy a vape like the Precisio, then this might just be the device for you. Now…. even with the love I found for this, it fits only in that niche market well. I really wish they could have done something different with the battery bay and fit a 21700 in there. I really don’t get the whole 18650 thing with it. Other than that, there is only one baby con and it is how they did the screen overlay and other lines on the front. It has some slight gaps that mess with the fit and finish of it. They also collect dust, which is annoying. Other than these couple of things, it’s great. If you are looking for a compact, medium wattage device, with a really great chipset, comfortable feel, and well machined body… just grab one.


    OVEN TEST – If this were to accidentally fall into the pizza oven, would I go out and get another?

    Do you think I gushed for some 4,000 odd characters to say no to this? I would definitely get another.



    • Well machined body

    • DNA75C is a solid chip

    • Feels great in the hand

    • Not overly weighty for the size and materials

    • There just aren’t that many 75C non squonkers on the market, so it’s a bit of a rarity

    • No rattles at all

    • Edges are rounded nicely and don’t gouge into the hand



    • Single 18650 battery

    • Screen protector and other gaps in the face of the device cheapens the look of the mod


    Thank you everyone for reading and thank you to Dovpo for sending one my way for review. I am seeing these online for about $120-130.


    Pizza Dave – delivering real reviews with no extra toppings


    REVIEW CRITERIA: I use each item for about two weeks to ensure I have collected enough data to adequately write a review. I use the same e liquid in tanks or rdas throughout all my reviews to ensure that I am comparing apples to apples between all modern equipment. I do not post reviews until I feel confident that I have used it enough to give an educated review. The reason I started doing reviews was due to poor purchasing decisions in my vaping infancy about two years ago. Back then, I purchased several different pieces of hardware without really enjoying it and I hope my reviews can guide people into spending their hard-earned money more wisely than I did! ****Keep in mind that some items I receive may be pre-release and not in retail packaging. Quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package may differ from the retail package as well.

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