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    Hi Guys,
    Needing some help/advice.
    I have a smok prince tank and have always bought from Amazon the Smok V12 Prince T10 coils.
    In the last 6 days I have bought 3 packets all from different Amazon sellers, but they keep sending me V12 P-Tank T10, which don't fit as the screw thread is not deep enough so wont stay in.
    The packet I got today has a white printed label stuck on the top of the box that says V12 Prince T10 but the printing on the box and on the coil says P-Tank and doesn't fit. What do I do, my coil is knackered and I like my tank
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    Sep 25, 2015
    First I'd contact those sellers and see if they'll make it right. Then I would go to a vape shop either in town or online and try again.
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    Apr 2, 2016
    Some Good Vendors
    Usually fair to avoid private sales of gear on shopping/sale sites. Some folks game their ratings with algorithms. Less hassle to deal with a reputable vendor that sometimes might wear a BBB badge. Not being BBB does not mean a vendor is less reputable, always. I know Vapor Beast does well, have bought a few items from them off and on. Liked product quality, service. I know others buy from them a lot.

    You might want try ordering gear from Mt. Baker they'll hook you up with 10% off every order. They are BBB accredited but I was buying there before they got rated by BBB, knew they had good quality and service. They still do I'm likely to be sure. I just shop a little here and there to find frugal prices, to keep various places going. Unfortunately, not too keen on the two B&M shops we got in Ripley. Think both actively strive to grab every last penny from a mark, erm customer. Otherwise, I would support local vape shops.
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    Feb 6, 2016
    Last I heard, Amazon and EBAY prohibit the sale of vape products. Try and get your money back if you can. I have heard of a large majority of the stuff found on those site being clones/knockoffs.

    The sites mentioned above are good. I have also bought a few times through Vapor Authority. They will give you a 10% off code for your first purchase if you email them. Fast shipping, staff is eager to help, all products are from the respective manufacturer, and BBB accredited.
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