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    Sep 6, 2017
    Hi all,

    I've just received my Smok Alien 220w TFV8 and using the Cloud Beast tank.

    I have the T8 coils in there at the moment and i'm very new to all watts/temps and stuff, and I was wondering if anyone can give me ideas about what my settings should be for this. I kinda messed with it a bit and haven't got the original mod settings.

    Here are my current settings:

    Wattage set to 90w (which is good for me although its recommended between 120w-180w)
    Strength - normal
    Volts 0.605
    (using Sony VTC6 batteries)
    Amps 4.033
    PCB 23 degrees celsius
    Memory 1M - 10w
    - no idea, please help
    Temp - 85w - coil TC-NI - no idea, please help

    Are the settings above pretty much spot on? If not would should I change?

    Am I right to say if im using watts would it then work in conjunction with my temp setting?

    The T8 coil is 0.15 ohms but my mod read this as 0.16 so I changed this to 0.15, is this correct?

    Many thanks for your help.
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    Sep 6, 2016
    If you like it at 90w compared to the average, take note that is average recommended watts for that coil, that is perfectly fine, some like a warm or hot vape while others like myself with most my devices either like a cool temp vape or cool to warm, each vaper is unique to themselves.
    This is fine, it is just the pre-heat feature, this can be gentle, normal, or boosted for your desired ramp up in vape warmth, cool and gentle to instantly warm quickly
    Volts output I am assuming you mean 6.05v and not 0.605 as 0.605 volts wouldn't even make a mod fart, maybe the output for the PCB (Programmable Control Board) to function, being a dual battery mod in a series battery configuration the Alien220W has an operational battery input voltage of 5.6v to 8.4v (2.8v X 2 batteries to 4.2v X 2 batteries), output voltage from the PCB to the coils can vary depending on your watts setting and the Ohms of your coil, think it maxes output at about 7.5v or so, this is perfectly normal. 90watts/5.6v lowest battery voltage/90% PCB efficiency=17.8571 Maximum amps you ever ask and request of your batteries. The Sony VTC6 was tested to max out at 19amps Continuous Discharge, you are well below their maximum output
    This is just the display of the amps being output from the PCB to the coils, not the batteries to the PCB, not much to worry about really, technically this is pretty meaningless information as it just confuses new vaping users, the formula I posted above is the only viable way to determine the real amp draw that matters, the batteries to the PCB
    This displays the temperature of the PCB, you'd have to read the specs on the Alien220W PCB to figure out the maximum temp it can reach before the board and circuits on it are damaged, my DNA75 and DNA200 devices this about 160ish Farenheit or so, so probably 40 to 50ish Celsius would be worrisome
    This is a programmable memory slot/setting, a lot of current mods have them, basically profile settings on like your smart phone, but for different types of coils or ohm ratings of coils with pre-programmed settings, examples 1M for basic wattage mode you are in right now, and 2TC-Ni for temperature control with Nickel Ni200 wire coil
    This is specifically for Temperature Control Mode, Smok does not make any Ni200, Titanium T1, or Stainless Steel SS316L coil heads for their tanks, so for now, this is irrelevant information you can just disregard until you get a better grasp of vaping in general and then decide to purchase a tank that has TC style coils later in the future.
    Your settings look fine, and yes as the TFV tanks have to TC style heads you are completely running in just basic variable wattage mode, just adjust the watts to your liking. The difference you noted about being the coil reads as 0.16 though the barrel states it is a 0.15ohm coil, many things can shunt a reading off 0.01, 0.02, even up to 0.10 or 0.20 difference, 1) the mod PCB Ohm reader is not a precision reader an electrical engineer would use, it can be +/- off on its calibration, 2) variances in the batch the wire of the coil was made from, 3) variances in the tank base just like the coil wire, 4) heat expansion and cooling contraction of the coil wire, 5) there are many other variances to numerous to list.
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    Sep 6, 2017

    Very thorough reply!

    Thank you so much IMFire3605.

    Ive got a great understanding of my settings now and great to know im vaping correctly as i was worried about these volts and stuff lol.

    Your a god send. Many thanks man :)
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