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    Jan 11, 2018
    hi I’m new here. I’ve been using Smok stick V8 for a few months with 0.15 ohm M2 as recommended, mostly vg70 I like pudding or cake flavour with 3mg nicotine. Pancake man is also great. Now I have an eleaf pico25 as well. Can I use my beast tank on the pico as it holds more juice? If I do, what watts should I use or should I use the temp control to save on coils. If so what temp and what wattage.

    Also can someone advise me the best combination using the pico to get max sweet flavour, smooth hit and big cloud without spending a fortune. So what vg%, what ohms (is that quad coil better?), what watts.

    Any recommendations for ejuice (I don’t like mint or fruity) for a nice smooth thick sweet cloud that’s easy on the throat and wallet.

    Have spent hours watching you tube vids but the more I watch the more there is to know. I just want hassle free vaping really.

    Thanks so much
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    May 3, 2015
    hi welcome to VU

    so lets start with
    YES you can use the beast on the pico
    usually most tanks can go on most mods, with some exceptions
    The main concern is can teh mod provide enough power to make the coil you are using work well.
    And unfortunately from my understanding most of teh coils on the beast donot work great at only 25 watts or less BUT YMMV and you may like it at those low watts

    Now the MOD the pico versus the V8 are not what give you flavor

    flavor comes from a combination of
    1. the juice
    2. the coil - thats the .15ohm thingy
    3. the power supplied to the coil which yes does come form the mod

    so its the coil and juice though that mainly determine flavor. for example just yesterday I was trying something new a new tank as you will and teh coil in was not giving me much flavor, I changed to a different type of coil and BAM now theres much more flavor.

    I do not use the beast or anything that comes with premade coils any more so I can not advise as to which one of their coils works best for flavor..Im sure someone may be around who can. But its a learning curve and taste is what I like you may not like. Its best to experiment and find what works for you

    In terms of wattage
    I normally when trying to find the right power setting start around 20 watts
    then I go up in 5 watt increments until I find what I like. Then I play around in 1 watt increments both up and down to fine tune it to see if say 59 watts is better the 58 watts etc

    Always start low and work you way up with watts

    In terms of TC
    most mods can only do TC with special coils
    they are made from Nickel or abbreviated as ni200
    titanium or TI
    Stainless steel abbreviated as SS or 316 or 316l or 317 or 317l and a few other numbers at times

    You have to set the mod to the specific metal and then play around with setting to fine tune it
    Your coil or the box will almost always tell you if its made form these wires. If it does not its usually made from kanthal or nichrome and those can't be used in TC my 99% of the mods on the market

    You do not need to use TC mode to get flavor. It can help improve the vaping experience for some by eliminating the dry hits or puffing on a coil that has no juice. or by preventing the vape from getting too hot or being too cool. But it doesn't do major things for flavor

    I personally gave up on TC ages ago, but many people swear by it

    Its all a personal choice.

    Sorry no recommendations on juices since I make my own,
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    Oct 8, 2017
    hi welcome to VU
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    Apr 15, 2016
    The VG should be either 70% or 80%

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