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    Dec 13, 2018
    So, I have seen a few threads about suggested percentages with which to use each flavor, but not really much on suggested steeping times for each flavor. I know the general bakery, tobaccos 7+ days, fruits SNV, etc, but it is a little more complicated than that, or so it seems so far. I'll post what I've found so far, and if anyone has anything to add, I'd love to hear it.

    Sugar cookie V1&2 - 7 days
    Caramel - SNV for a quick sweetness, some steeping brings out more caramel
    Vanilla Custard V1 - 7days or more. The longer the better.
    Vanilla Cupcake - SNV but steeping brings out more of the cupcake for me
    Chocolate brownie - TBD (have but haven't used)
    Cake Batter - SNV
    Strawberry, Sweet - SNV
    New York Cheesecake - Only used once, so not sure

    ICE - snv
    lemonade - in the mail. can't wait.
    cereal, crunch - also in the mail
    Milk and Honey - again, in the mail but will be dropping this in a juice immediately
    Macaroon - get the trend? I think i'm going to fall in love with Flavorah.

    Apple, Fuji - SNV
    Caramel - SNV but definitely develops that carmelized flavor over time
    Coconut - SNV. Amazingly real coconut
    Cookie - haven't played with this enough yet, but i'm thinking 5 days min
    Cream Fresh - SNV but after a hot bath and a few days gives a nice creamy mouthfeel
    Marshmallow - SNV. talk about sugar lips. love it
    Meringue - definitely needs at least 5 days to develop that eggy meringue thing

    Butter Cream - i'd say 3-5 days but i'm just starting to work with this
    Cinnamon Roll - TBD i've barely cracked into this but can't wait

    Banana Cream - SNV
    Black Cherry - SNV
    Butter - SNV
    Cheesecake Graham Crust - a hot bath and a few days do this one some good
    Cream, Bavarian - definitely needs a few days to develop
    Dragonfruit- SNV
    Frosted Donut - Maybe I didn't wait long enough with this. I'm not getting much donut
    Mango - SNV
    Peanut Butter - SNV
    VBIC - after a hot bath and 3-5 days I SCREAM for ice cream
    Vanilla Swirl - not sure. SNV works, but time works better
    Watermelon - SNV
    Strawberry, Ripe - SNV

    Biscuit - definitely needs time. everything i make with this ends up going before i can figure it out
    Kaktus - SNV
    Raspberry - SNV? It's in the mail.

    I let all of my juices except for strictly candy type fruit mixes sit in a warm bath overnight then leave them uncapped for cooling. I've noticed it takes a few days off of the steep time but doesn't replace the need for it. I'd love to see people add to this, contradict what I have to say or agree or elaborate. I feel like this could be a useful tool for some of us noobs. Thanks in advance. This is my whole flavor stash after about a month of DIY. I'm in on this thing. Any suggestions of additions or complementary flavors to some stuff I already have would also be great.

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