Vape 101: the Structuration of Vape Introduce for Beginners

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    Hi Vapers,

    This thread we will discuss a Vape 101 topic: the Structuration of Vape Introduce for Beginners.
    Whether you're a new vaper or an old veteran vaper, you can get help and advice here.
    Wellon will share all vape technology, vape tricks and so on.



    Why Should You Know the Structuration of vape?
    To follow our vaporizer cleaning tips, you’ll first need to understand the components of your device.
    Learn some common sense Anatomy of a Vape Device, can help you Preparing How To Purge Your Vape.
    A pen-style vaporizer is generally made up of three main components:

    The Tank:

    The vape device tank holds e-liquid and is typically combined with the atomizer as a single unit.

    The Coil:

    A heating element that converts e-liquid into vapor.

    The Battery:

    The power source of the unit. May have voltage and temperature control options.

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