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  1. Absolute-Wood

    Absolute-Wood Sale - It's Over!

    The Sale is Officially Over! **************************************************************** Absolute-Wood Site Wide Midyear / Spring Sale Includes All In Stock Items And More Note: All Mods are made to order Sale Prices will be in RED G o to:__A b s o l u t e - W o o d ! In Stock Vape...
  2. Absolute-Wood

    Nos Creare Draco

    Scroll, scroll, scroll... And, a rendered view alone: Next will be the first steps taken to get this show on the road! Rick
  3. Absolute-Wood

    Can't believe it took this long...

    Hey everyone- I'm Rick. Let's see... My vaping story? It has twists and turns... Action! and Capitalism... It started back in June of 2009. Thirty five year smoker, you've heard the story, tried to quit several times and methods - always came back to cigs. A coworker had a cigalike and I...

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