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advice needed

  1. VapingReaper27

    Hohm Tech Run XL 21700

    i have a question! so imma buy a kennedy vindicator i was wondering if Hohm Tech Run XL 21700 will be a good battery for a 21700 mech mod? sorry if this is the wrong place but ive never used a 21700 or a 20700 what would your suggestions be?
  2. Lawless_lou

    Getting into the mech world

    I'm thinking of jumping into the world of mechs, does anyone have any suggestions on reasonably priced tubes that would be good to start with. I'm a single dad so I don't want to spend a ton of cash just in case I don't end up liking mechs. I know I could grab a clone cheap but I see so many...
  3. V

    Is MBV Blackberry Any Good?

    I'm new to the vaping game, but thus far I love all of the MBV juices I've tried. I want to branch out into plain fruit flavors and I was thinking about trying their blackberry. If you've tried it tell me what you think. Is it like actual blackberries or more like a candy taste? Does it keep...
  4. bigash000

    Wismec RX 2/3 - the lid no longer closes the circuit

    Hello! It is my first time posting so if there's a better category for this issue, plese let me know. My Wismec suddenly is no longer working after fixing the lid in place. It does however work if I put the lid slightly below, so that the metal connectors touch eachother in a specific way. Any...
  5. X

    Looking for advice for semi-beginner kit

    Hi guys! I would sincerely appreciate some help - This is the second time going back to vaping as a way to quit smoking. First vape was an e-com C twist, which I thought was pretty good for my purpose, except that it couldn't handle higher VG juices. (I realised early on that I hated PG - as...
  6. Ladylizard74

    Moonshot frustration!!!

    So.... as a massive lover of the tornado I went ahead and purchased the moon shoot supreme. Never had leaking issues as I'd mastered the art of wicking the tornado but I'm having what I think is a general build issue so could do with some advice on a decent build...... I'm using Claptons atm but...

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