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  2. littlebrovapes


  3. A

    Apple gave Uber permission to virtually see your phone

    Uber users especially those who are using iPhones are alarmed when they heard that Apple gave Uber permission to virtually see what you’re doing on your phone. Something called “entitlement” was given to the third-party app enabling it to record what’s happening on an iPhone’s screen. The...
  4. A

    Apple confirms new Emojis coming soon in iOS 11.1

    Over hundreds of new emojis are being released along with the controversial iOS 11.1 update. People are fanning out in the latest iOS update due to the rumored issues it may bring. IPhone users are actually thinking twice whether to upgrade or not since the iOS 11.0.2 bug issues. On the brighter...
  5. TyTokes

    Apple Jaxxx

    When I first moved out of ego twist pens into Mech Mods, one of the first flavors I got was Apple Jax from Cyber Liquids. It's always been a favorite vape of mine and Cyber did a pretty good job. But times have changed, and I'm glad to say I don't vape any store bought flavors anymore. Pure DIY...
  6. Boogenshizzle

    FA Fuji (apple) Notes

    FA Fuji (apple) Tested on derringer, narda, m-atty, hobo drifter, aromamizer. A variety of 316LSS 2mm-3mm 10-12 wrap single and dual. .08%-.99% Play here with drinks, accent notes, light bakeries (think fritter) 1% a nice very noticeable apple note. 2% much stronger, use here for most...
  7. KGuardian

    Strapple Bread

    Mixed at 40pg/60vg (Bull City Vapor brand) with 0.5mg Vapers Tek nicotine Steep Time: For me it's good after a warm bath, a vigorous shake until you can’t see through it, and then let it sit a couple hours or so. I don't know if I like it better fresh or after 2 or 3 days, but I like it either...
  8. BronzyIsland

    Red Apple Cigarettes

    like in the Tarantino films. Apple(TFA) 3% 1950s Era Tobacco(SM) 2% True Tobacco(CAP) 1% remember, this is a red apple flavor i'm using.
  9. KGuardian

    Buttered Apple Biscuits

    Buttered Apple Biscuits Unfortunately I mixed this late night a week ago and stuck it in a drawer where I don't normally put my fresh mixed juice, forgot about it, and then happened to spot it earlier when I opened the drawer so I never got to try it before day 5. When I mix my next batch I'll...
  10. mountainmanvape

    ShiJin Vapor "Tortoise Blood" Ejuice review

    Again I want to thank Tom at Shijin Vapor for sending me their line to review for you. This is an 85/15 (vg/pg) juice that is steeped and ready to vape as soon as you get it. It is labeled as “An everlasting, impenetrable flavor of Blue Raspberry and Green Apple blended with sweet Sherbet”. I...
  11. mountainmanvape

    Lazarus Vintage PHOENIX Ejuice review

    I would like to thank Lazarus Vintage for sending me their Ejuice to review for you. As always I will give my honest opinion good or bad….so let’s go!!! So this juice is described by the company as so,”Cast iron brandy seared apples with a cinnamon twist”. So, for me it had a very similar...
  12. Sigmardin

    Apple Honey Butter

    This is a work in progress but right out the gate it is tasty. It has more peanut butter flavor than I am looking for in this recipe but I'm working on toning it down. Shake n vape as written if you prefer a more peanut buttery taste, let steep 5-7 days for a slightly less peanut butter taste...
  13. mountainmanvape

    ShiJin Vapor Tortoise Blood Ejuice Review

    Let me start by saying this product was sent to me for review for you. I will always give my honest opinion good or bad….so let’s go! So this is another one of those refreshing Ejuice’s from ShiJin Vapor. Here is their description of this product. “An everlasting, impenetrable flavor of blue...

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