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battery efficiency

  1. doris yst

    Yostatech/New vape devices updating/ low MOQ/ competitive price

    Searching for large vaping cloud, humanist handle design, gorgeous out-looking device? That’s what our products can bring to your life. Welcome consulting. Dear, thank u for reading. This is Doris from Yostatech, we are the Professional vape device supplier,making newest and hottest mods, kits...
  2. M

    evic vtc mini battery

    Hi everyone I'm a bit new to vaping and I love it but I have an evic vtc mini with a cubis tank running an ni200 coil at 0.24ohms 26watts in variable temp mode and the standard battery is pooh I've seen a LGMJ1 3500MAH 10amp/20amp 18650 but I need to know if this will be safe enough for my evic...
  3. kennykoils

    316l hard on cells?

    I was told on a Facebook group that running 316L coils on mechs is hard on the cells in some way, is there any merit to this or is buddy blowing hot air?
  4. Baba Fats

    DNA40 efficiency

    I apologize if this has been beaten to death, but I am looking for some answers on what dual battery configuration is supposed to be more efficient. I'm looking specifically at regulated mods... I have both a Vapor Flask DNA40, and Sigelei 150TC. The VF is parallel, and the Sig is Series...

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