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battery samsung25r

  1. D

    Is this build Safe???

    Hi Guys, just a small safety check-up, I plan on running this build at 80w (max 85w) in my Regulated dual 18650 Tesla WYE 200w (Samsung 25r 3.7 2500mah) would the calculation for the regulated current draw 80w/7.4v =10.82A(per battery) be correct? see attached pic for the coil
  2. okaycarmen

    Married batteries , new mod?

    I have had two sets of married Samsung 25r batteries that I would rotate in my minikin RDA. Can I use one set of batteries now in my noisy cricket meaning I would be using it from a regulate parallel device to a series unregulated device. Would that be safe to do considering the batteries are...
  3. Disturbed Vaper

    WTS Only - Sigelei 75w Black , Battery, Juice , Black Mutation X v4 Mini, Extra's

    For sale only ..... $115 Shipped 2 day priority Sigelei 75w - TC - Black Samsung 25r Battery Included Indulgence Mutation X V4 Mini - Black 30ml Synesthesia *Purple - 6mg Strawberry, Blueberry, Dragonfruit Cotton & Candy Included. Have Vouches Con-US Only Paypal friends & Family accepted...

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