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berserker 1.5 review

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    BSKR Berserker 1.5 Mini MTL Guide (Definite) - Vandy Vape

    Hey all, first quickly, thanks for the vaping community to all info, guides etc. I am creating this post due to lack of and conflicting information how to properly setup the Berserker 1.5 Mini. This is a guide which components to use and general issues (and how to fix them) with the BSKR 1.5...
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    Berserker 1.5 RTA review

    I received berserker 1.5 rta from Vandy vape for the purpose of this review. Berserker 1.5 rta comes in 4 colors: - Rainbow - Stainless steel - Matte black - Gun metal Specification: Height: 32mm Diameter: 24mm Glass tank capacity: 2.5ml Stainless steel tank capacity: 3ml Weight: 63g...

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