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    Wondering how to attempt to get in on high end gear.

    Hi folks, I have been vaping for about 5 years now and lately I decided that I would like to treat myself to 2 mods which I have been craving for a while, sadly one of them is discontinued (kennedy vindicator 28), which is. a shame and the other is a BMM device. I have been active in forums and...
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    WTS/WTT BMM Squeeze DNA75C PA12 3d printed

    I have way too many BMM mods (8) and need to sell some of my duplicates. This is a BMM Squeeze in great used condition. No marks or imperfections, looks as if it just came out of the package. It has the modmaker +10 bottle system which makes filling so easy! RRP is $249.99 plus $10 for the...

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