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  1. F

    WTB empty juul pods

    Want to buy bulk amount of juul pods for cheap. Hmu for offers
  2. S

    bulk e-juice

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can point in me in the right direction of a website that I can buy juice in bulk for cheap ... I've used before but heard a few bad things about them and I was wondering if there were any other sites like that one that sells in bulk for cheap prices...
  3. Grand Rapids E-Liquid

    Efest LUC V4 LCD Universal Car Charger $24.95 Shipping $1.99 or Free

    Only $1.99 for shipping or free shipping if you purchase any other item. Item on sale and Grand Rapids E-Liquid ONLY 24.95 and SAME DAY SHIPPING from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Pssttt.... Use code flash50 for 50% off our e-liquids. Charge your batteries faster than ever...
  4. Jamesgr86

    HELP! Need recipe help with Badd nana.

    Hey all, im trying to make a clone of badd nana. I love it too much and cant afford to keep going to the store, soo i figured id just buy my stuff in bulk and make it myself. Some sites say its a banana cream mix. some say its a banana and a custard cream mix. is custard cream a flavor that...

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