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  1. TyTokes

    Ty Tokes French Toast

    Every now and again I like to bless you guys with the fruits of my hard work, today is one of those days! I get compliments on this flavor every time I mix it up and the devil on my shoulder was telling me to keep this one to myself but man.. I just hate knowing that I'm the only one that gets...
  2. BronzyIsland

    Buttery Strawberry

    i've posted this recipe a number of times before but never gave it its own thread so here it is. 3% Sweet Strawberry(CAP) 4% Organic Strawberry(TFA) 1% Golden Butter(CAP) 1% Butter Cream(CAP) 1% Graham Cracker(CAP) 0.5% Butterscotch(TFA) The buttery flavor really envelops the strawberry...
  3. KGuardian

    Buttered Apple Biscuits

    Buttered Apple Biscuits Unfortunately I mixed this late night a week ago and stuck it in a drawer where I don't normally put my fresh mixed juice, forgot about it, and then happened to spot it earlier when I opened the drawer so I never got to try it before day 5. When I mix my next batch I'll...
  4. KGuardian

    KG's 4x Vanilla Custard

    KG's 4x Vanilla Custard Mixed at 40pg/60vg (Bull City Vapor brand) with 2mg Vapers Tek nicotine Steep Time: At least one week. Wait 10+ days if you can. All I do is a warm water bath for a few minutes to thin the VG and then shake the living mess out of it, put it away and shake every once in...
  5. Sigmardin

    Apple Honey Butter

    This is a work in progress but right out the gate it is tasty. It has more peanut butter flavor than I am looking for in this recipe but I'm working on toning it down. Shake n vape as written if you prefer a more peanut buttery taste, let steep 5-7 days for a slightly less peanut butter taste...

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