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  1. F

    Help calculating pg/vg with salt nicotine

    I am trying to make a 50% salt nicotine ejuice however I am running into a problem with the calculations. If I use a calculator and input 50% nicotine, it still makes me do a mix of 100% combined between the pg & vg. It doesn't matter what I try I always end up with a negative number for the...
  2. yomajesty

    Need a Not-Dumbed-Down DIY Ejuice Calculator

    Hi. I've been looking online for an ejuice calculator, and, like everything else on the net, everyone's just copying everyone else's. These online calculators assume you have only one nicotine base with a particular PG/VG ratio and a particular nicotine concentration. I have 120ml of 18mg...
  3. VaporSuite

    VaporSuite Coil Calculator Development

    As part of our quest to be the ULTIMATE tool for vapers, we are continuously looking to improve VaporSuite, and we are re-developing the coil design module completely. We would like to get your input during the planning stage to ensure that we will end up with a tool that is THE BEST, and will...
  4. Jon@LiionWholesale

    Regulated Mod Amp Draw Calculator

    Hey guys, I was looking through some threads and I noticed that the calculator we recently added to our site would be helpful in answering a bunch of the posts about what battery to get. I thought I'd post it up if you need a quick simple calculator that gives the amp rating needed for your...

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