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  1. M

    I am so lost!

    Hello, I am trying really hard to find the best vape and e-liquid for me. I am mostly concerned about safety & health since I am trying to do this to quit smoking cigarettes. I don't want to do just a different bad thing. I read some articles like this one . It seems like it is important what...
  2. V

    DIY Ejuice has a chemical taste?

    Hey guys, I'm new to DIY Ejuice and I was wondering what I was doing wrong. So I made this recipe: Mother's Unicorn Milk Bavarian Cream (TPA)- %4 Cheesecake(Graham Crust) (TPA)- %5 Strawberry(Ripe) (TPA)- %10 Sweet Cream (TPA)- %4 Vanilla Custard (TPA)- %3 I...
  3. rossdamusic

    Chemical compounds in concentrates

    Hey, (first post) I have been enjoying DIY'ing for several months now. Such a great feeling making a batch that your mates all go bananas for. I was looking to study up a bit on the science behind flavour mixing, because I find it real interesting, but I'm not sure where to start. Googling...

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