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  1. cloumix

    New Released! Hugo Vapor Supro RGB 1500Puffs Disposable Kit 10pcs

    Brand: Hugo Vapor Product Name: Hugo Vapor Supro RGB 1500Puffs Disposable Kit 10pcs Type: Kit Introduction Hugo Vapor Supro RGB 1500Puffs Disposable Kit 10pcs is designed with tiny size and super portable to bring vape a new style of device for on-the-go vaping. It is powered by 850mAh battery...
  2. ECigMafia Official

    Shop Mr. Freeze Max Duo Disposable Vape | ECigMafia

    Mr. Freeze Max Duo Disposable Vape is like nothing you have seen before. Comes with 2200 pre-filled puffed. Shop from ECigMafia for the best prices.
  3. cloumix

    [New Released] Bmor NITRO 1000 PUFFS Disposable Kit 650mAh

    Product Name: Bmor NITRO 1000 PUFFS Disposable Kit Type: Kit Introduction Bmor NITRO 1000 PUFFS Disposable Kit is inspired by nitrous oxide, particularly its way of amplifying speed and power when injected into a heated mechanical engine. It is a mini exquisite disposable kit that is powered by...
  4. littlebrovapes


  5. ECigMafia Official

    $1.99 Only | Drip Bar Disposable Device - ECigMafia

    Specifications: Battery Capacity : 280mAh Puff : 400 E-Juice Capacity : 1.6ml Some of the Flavor Profiles: Lush Ice: The taste of a freshly ripened watermelon with a menthol base Strawberry Ice: The succulent flavor of summer strawberries with a cooling menthol base Mint: The authentic taste...
  6. cloumix

    New Released!【OEM】XTRA 1600 PUFFS Disposable Kit

    Product Name: 【OEM】XTRA 1600 PUFFS Disposable Kit Type: Kit Introduction 【OEM】XTRA 1600 PUFFS Disposable Kit is a disposable kit that can provide 1600 PUFFS. Powered by 800mAh Built-in Battery, the device can meet you all day needs. It adopts a food-grade mouthpiece, stainless paint housing...
  7. N

    Sweet vape recipe with nicotine similar to IGET and HQD

    Hey guys New vaper here! I Started on disposable vapes (IGET and HQD) and loved it! I recently bought a Nord two and tried mixing nicotine (6%) with the ejuice, but it doesn’t taste good or sweet or anything like the ones I’ve been on! I’m trying to find the right ingredients to make a sweet...
  8. V

    $10 section at

    Check out our $10 and under section at for awesome deals on vape juices, disposables, coils, pods, and more! Right now, disposables vape pens are all starting at $6.99
  9. ECigMafia Official

    Price Drop Sale | PUFF Bar for 4.99$ Only.

    Puff Bar for 4.99$ only The authentic Puff Bar disposable device is a leader in the innovation of vaping. Puff Bar raises its own bar with its newly disposable pod device to Puff away that is compact, light, and portable. Each pod stick comes with 1.3mL juice that is enough to stay...
  10. C

    DISPOSABLE ECIG AND VAPE SALE! PUFF BAR MYLE MINI HQD v2 LOY POP SMASH BAR and much more! Best prices! Check the website out, you will love our products!
  11. alexaming

    I like e-cigarettes very much, and here I recommend a vape pen that I use often, Electronic cigarettes from the East, if you are interested, you can check it out at
  12. elegomall

    Disposable changer? The world’s first dual-flavor pod - Vozol D2

    Hi VU members, Kind a special day since today I gonna share something special which called Vozol D2 disposable pod. I got some of these pods from my friend who's the main designer of it. He wants me to taste and send some feedback. Before we wholesale this tiny pod, I didn't give much...
  13. Efun.Top

    Disposable Pods at

    If you are a party animal, or a starter of vapes, disposable pods may suits you well. You don’t have to worry that your vapes would lost when you are drunk! They are portable, affordable and convenient. Here are some Disposable Pods products: 1. Digiflavor LIIP Disposable Pod 240mAh The...

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