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  1. cloumix

    [New Arrival] Airistech Airis Janus Vape Kit 650mAh

    Brand: Airistech Product Name: AIRIS JANUS 2IN1 VAPORIZER BATTERY FOR SALT NICOTINE POD&510 THREAD CARTRIDGES Type: Starter Kit Color: Black/Red/Silver/Grey/Gold/Blue/Pink/Purple/Rainbow Introduction Airistech Airis Janus Kit comes with a tiny and slim size for daily vaping. It is compatible...
  2. lonedogmac

    UWell Valyrian Sub-Ohm Tank Review

    Love this tank and want to share this video with everyone!!
  3. EasyPuff Vape

    Top 4 Things You Should Know About the NZ Vape Scene

    Vaping is increasingly being described as one of the most disruptive developments in the recent years. The reason is simple. It is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Whatever the reasons for its adoption, vaping has become one of the most popular hobbies for a large...
  4. EasyPuff Vape

    What Are E-Cigarettes?

    E-cigarettes are, in their essence, a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco based cigarettes. Tobacco is responsible for the deaths of millions of people across the globe. According to one estimate, one in every 5 people in the US dies because of tobacco. Contrary to popular perception, it...
  5. StoVapes

    How Misinformation on E-Cigs & E-Juice Spread Across America

    Did you know the number of U.S. citizens who believed that vaping was less harmful than smoking reached 50% in 2012, but this dropped to 43% by 2014! For vapers, vape shop owners, and anyone else who’s witnessed the bloom of the industry and community surrounding e-cigs and e-juice in recent...
  6. Vape_FTW

    Vape FTW - about us!

    First off, thanks for checking out Vape FTW - that's Vape For The Win, for the record. We're a small and growing B&M shop/online storefront based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As far as the B&M goes, we do it all - vaporizer hardware, coil builds, e-liquid and accessories. On the web we...
  7. E

    New Zealand Based Vaper

    Hi all, I've been vaping for about three years now and loving it. I smoked tobacco for 30 years, started when i was 12, my older brother got me into it so I wouldn't tell on him. I'm self employed doing website design, I've been working in my spare time setting up a blog e8juice it's targeted...
  8. TW Tom

    Virginian Senate Committee Halts Restrictions on E-Cigarettes.

    A bill was halted this week in the Virginian Assembly that would have restricted the use of e-cigarettes in public places and restaurants. Read More
  9. pearlzeng

    ENDED 【Win Mysterious Gift】Which E-cigarettes brand do you like? - 10/22

    Entrance: ;) Enter Cigabuy facebook ( and participate in the activity. ;);) Choose one brand you like best of Cigabuy and...

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