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Top 4 Things You Should Know About the NZ Vape Scene

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Vaping is increasingly being described as one of the most disruptive developments in the recent years. The reason is simple. It is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Whatever the reasons for its adoption, vaping has become one of the most popular hobbies for a large number of New Zealanders. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the NZ vape scene and learn some interesting facts about it.

Roughly 200,000 Vapers

That’s right! There are roughly 200,000 vapers, who use e-cigarettes regularly. That’s quite an impressive number for a phenomenon that caught popular attention about one and a half decade ago. However, the road ahead is still very long. It is estimated that there are still more than 600,000 smokers in New Zealand. As a better alternative to smoking, vaping needs to be promoted even more, so that it can help people quit the deadly habit of smoking. Thankfully, the number of vapers is growing at an exponential rate, which means more and more smokers are giving up smoking in favour of vaping.

E-cigarettes in Supermarkets

Due to unreasonable laws that were based on mass fears rather than solid evidence, there were significant restrictions on where e-cigarettes could be sold. Today, things have changed. Politicians have finally realized that e-cigarettes are their most potent weapon in the fight against smoking and to make New Zealand cigarette smoke-free. So, if you are looking for an e-cigarette or e-juice to vape NZ now has them in the supermarkets too.

FreshChoice, Countdown, and SuperValue have started offering e-cigarettes and e-juices to shoppers. At present, they are experimenting with it by stocking only the beginner products, and intend to increase the size and breadth of their stocks if they receive positive results. In the world of vape NZ has gone from being a conservative to a pioneer.

E-Juices are Completely Legal

Just last year, the Ministry of Health legalized nicotine based e-juices. Up until then, only non-nicotine e-juices could be sold legally in NZ. Those who desired nicotine-based e-juices to vape in NZ had to either import them from countries where they were legal or had to buy them from local businesses that were taking a risk even by stocking them.

All of this changed last year. Retailers can stock nicotine based e-juices and sell them without any fear of prosecution by the authorities. Finally, after all these years, it is a pleasurable as well as a liberating experience to vape in NZ.

E-Cigarettes Can be Used in Smoke-Free Zones

At present, the NZ vape industry is not completely regulated and the laws surrounding it are still being formulated. At present, there is no restriction on vaping in public spaces, including smoke-free zones. However, different organizations may follow their own practices.

That being said, vaping is a personal experience. It is not very nice to force other people to inhale the vapours that you exhale while vaping. They may not like the smell. Maybe they think that the vapes are unhealthy, although they are not. The reasons could be many. But, the core idea is that it is not polite to make others uncomfortable. So, it’s best to keep your vaping sessions out of the smoke-free zones.


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