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  1. elegomall

    SMOK Novo 4 Mini - New Member Of Novo Family

    Let's welcome the new member of SMOK Novo Family - Novo 4 Mini. Compared to Novo 4, Novo 4 Mini is essentially a more lightweight and portable version. The overall construction looks compact and solid for promising more durability. Main Features: 1. Novo 4 Mini Cartridge(not compatible with...
  2. elegomall

    VOOPOO Vinci Q vs VOOPOO Vinci Pod

    Let's welcome the new members of Vinci Family from VOOPOO - Vinci Q & Vinci Pod Royal Edtion. Now we will have a brief comparison between Vinci Q and Vinci Pod. VOOPOO Vinci Q Main Features: 1. Upgraded Drag Nano 2 Replacement Cartridge, compatible with VINCI Pod 2. Built-in 1.2ohm Coil for...
  3. elegomall

    Vaporesso XROS Nano - New Arrival of XROS Family

    The XROS Family from Vaporesso is very popular for beginners. Here comes the newest member - XROS NANO. Unlike the former 3 members are long slim style, while the XROS NANO is square-shape. Is it better than the other members? Let’s check it out in this review. Main Features: 1. Top-filling...
  4. elegomall

    Vbar Ace Lite - Best Disposable Vape For Flavor

    Here comes a new disposable vape from Vbar - Ace Lite, which comes with a completely different outline design from Cubo Series, bringing a brand new look to you. Main Features: 1. High-end & elegant outline design, exquisite& soft hand feeling 2. Real fresh flavor with upgraded atomization...
  5. ECigMafia Official

    New Year Sale | Get 15% off across Store*

    New Year Sale | Get 15% off across Store*
  6. elegomall

    Smoant Charon Baby Plus Review

    Let's welcome the upgraded version of Smoant Charon Baby - Charon Baby Plus. The Charon Baby is selling very well. Whether the Charon Baby Plus will also sell well, let's see what's new for it? Main Features: 1. 3.5ml side-filling cartridge, with adjustable airflow valve 2. Compatible with...
  7. jact25bd

    Top Vape Tricks For You to Try

    Vaping has taken the world by storm. The craze started with nicotine liquid. The next thing we knew, it became a thing for youth and adults alike. The sleek, fancy devices are a jewel for young people especially Vaping is also pretty cool. If you’re a beginner, you can impress your friends with...
  8. elegomall

    Uwell VALYRIAN 3 Review - Powerful Dual Battery Box Kit

    Here welcomes a new dual battery box kit from Uwell - VALYRIAN 3. Paired with dragon scale pattern, it looks quite elegant. The combination of metal and leather reminds me of another 200W dual battery box kit, Wotofo MDura. Let’s have a brief comparison in this review. VALYRIAN 3 Main...
  9. elegomall

    Vbar Vapes - One of the hottest vapes 2021

    V bar, the abbreviation of vape bar, was finally named Vbar. Vbar is known for its high-quality and good taste devices, which have been exported to all over the world. So far, Vbar has released 5 products, including VBAR Pod and 4 members of Cubo Series. They are selling quite well and have got...
  10. ECigMafia Official

    Christmas Super Sale | $2.99 Only - Air Factory Air Stix Synthetic Disposable Vape Device (2500 Puffs)

    Air Stix Synthetic Disposable Vape Device is the newest addition in the Air Factory Family. It is filled with Tobacco Free Nicotine. It comes with approx 2500 Puffs, and contains 5% nicotine. It has mesh coil which give more flavor to you while vaping. It is filled with 7ml E-Juice and have a...
  11. elegomall

    Big Sale on ElegoMall: Buy Every 500pcs Get 30pcs Free

    Buy Every 500pcs VBAR CUBO PRO & CUBO, Get 30pcs VBAR CUBO For Free! Promotion Details: Buy 500pcs Cubo Pro & Cubo, get 30pcs Cubo For Free Buy 1000pcs Cubo Pro & Cubo, get 60pcs Cubo For Free Buy 1500pcs Cubo Pro & Cubo, get 90pcs Cubo For Free ...... By that analogy, you can always get...
  12. elegomall

    Elegomall Christmas Sale 2021

    Hello everyone, Christmas is upcoming, Elegomall prepared a big discount for you. Promotion Time: Dec.13 - Dec.25 (GMT+8) Promotion Details: 3% OFF For wholesale account Code: EMXS3 Click the picture to learn more. Register on ElegoMall Now to get your New User Coupon that worth $1,000...
  13. elegomall

    Best Vape Tanks For 2021

    Choosing the right atomizer is very important for a vaper. Since there are too many types of atomizers in the market, you may be confused about which to choose. Now we have sorted some best vape tanks in 2021 into the most popular categories: Sub-ohm tanks, RTA, RDA, RDTA and Pod Tanks to make...
  14. elegomall

    VOZOL CORA MINI - Perfect Pod Vape For Beginners

    After almost a year, VOZOL released another new pod vape - CORA MINI, which is considered to be the most cost-effective pod vape. Why do we think so? You will find the answer in this review. Design & Performance The VOZOL CORA MINI uses a visible cartridge for easily checking e-liquid, which...
  15. elegomall

    Top 10 Best Pod Vapes For 2021

    Pod vapes have become very popular due to the fact that people moving from smoking wanted a simple way to vape. Today we are going to recommend 10 best-selling pod system vapes on ElegoMall which are released in 2021 (in no particular order). Hope you can find the right one here for yourself...
  16. elegomall


    Here comes a new pod system Kit from SMOK - POZZ Pro. It reminds us of POZZ X, but from the appearance, POZZ Pro is completely different from POZZ X. POZZ Pro is more simple. What's new for this POZZ Pro Pod system kit? Let's check it out in this review. Main Features: 1. Side-filling POZZ...
  17. A

    My vape has broke

    Hi I’m not sure how this works but A couple weeks ago I was twisting really hard on my tank to get it off because I wanted to put another tank on my drag vape and then something snapped and now I have this, I just want to get the tank of the piece that snapped can someone pls help
  18. elegomall

    Hottest Disposable Vapes For 2021

    Disposable vapes are the most popular e-cigarette in 2021. What makes them so popular? Disposable vapes are very convenient for use, and they’re small and portable. There are thousands of disposable vape kits in the market, how to pick the right one? Let’s take a look at the hottest disposable...
  19. elegomall

    Uwell Caliburn G2 Review - Upgraded Version Of Caliburn G

    Another new member of "caliburn family" from Uwell - Caliburn G2 was born shortly after the release of caliburn AK2. It is the upgraded version of Caliburn G. It remains many features that made the Caliburn G so popular, but with a few new changes that make it even better. So what’s new for...
  20. elegomall

    SMOK R-KISS 2 - Dual 18650 Box Kit

    It has been a few years after the release of SMOK R-Kiss, now here comes the 2nd generation, R-KISS 2, which uses TFV18 Mini Tank or TFV-Mini V2 Tank. For more improvements on the SMOK R-KISS 2, let's check it out in this review. You can buy different versions from ElegoMall. There are 2...
  21. jact25bd

    Vaporesso Luxe 2 Complete 220w Vape Kit

    Vaporesso Luxe 2 is a durable Vape kit in UK consisting of a powerful 220 Mod and NRG-S tank - an ideal combination for Direct-To-Lungs Vaping. If you want to produce a massive cloud, then look no further as this kit can handle the thickest vape juice available in the market. Luxe 2 is not...
  22. elegomall

    VBAR CUBO LITE - Latest Disposable Vape 2021

    Let's welcome the 4th member of Vbar Cubo Series - Vbar Cubo Lite. Vbar has released Cubo Pro, Cubo and Cubo Mini not long ago. They all feature the cuboid square tube shape. However, the Cubo Lite stands out from other disposable vapes with its innovative triangle shape. It is not easy to see...
  23. H

    ENDED - Hyppe Vape IG Giveaway is Available Now - UK + EU only - 11/1

    To celebrate this special Halloween, we have held a giveaway activity to win our hyppe Q and Hyppe Maxx vape gifts. How to Join: 1. Follow US Instagram @hyppe_eu 1. Like and share this post [email protected] friends 3.Comment this post with #hyppefam #hyppe We will select 3-5 winners randomly from the...
  24. G

    Just wanna try vaping but can't...

    Hi totally new here for starters but also kinda new to the whole vape type stuff in general so not sure if this is where to post this type thing so I'll keep it very non specific at 1st...basically I tried ordering my first vape products from 2 separate companies both online & both were...
  25. harry_wilson

    What is the durability of IoT-enable portable vaporizers?

    I found some vaporizers that one can operate using smartphone apps, making them IoT devices that get signals using internet data, Bluetooth, or other signals. It seems that they are easier to use. But is it really?
  26. harry_wilson


    Hi .. I have been using Cirro (Tobacco and Utterly Menthol) and the formula has now changed. Totally different flavour / taste and I'm not keen at all. Anyone else using Cirro experienced the same or can advise on what to use now ?
  27. harry_wilson

    Why are disposable vape pens preferable for beginners?

    Vape pens have a button, and you can easily initiate your vaping experience. But what's the problem with using a refiller for replacing mods is that it is a bit difficult to consume and understand. Some platforms are using it as a mere recommendation but have not given any concrete reason...
  28. harry_wilson

    Which vape device is the best for beginners? Should I begin with pens or use pod mod?

    Which vape device is the best for beginners? Should I begin with pens or use pod mod?
  29. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals October (Daily Updated)

    Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing :stars2: Coupon Code: Maxus2K Coupon Price: $48.99 Discount: 16.95% off Link: FreeMax Maxus 200W Kit with Mesh Pro 2 Tank Coupon Code: VDXPM Coupon Price: $25.99 Discount: 25.72% off Link: VOOPOO Drag X Plus 100W Box Mod Coupon Code: Luxe2M Coupon...
  30. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals September (Daily Updated)

    Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing:blowkiss::inlove: Coupon Code: LVUMK Coupon Price: $17.99 Discount: 28.01% off Link: Lost Vape Ursa Mini Pod Kit 1200mAh 30W Coupon Code: L200M Coupon Price: $34.69 Discount: 30.61% off Link: Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Box Mod Coupon Code...
  31. H

    I started vaping again

    I started vaping again as I'm a heavy smoker I use a mi-pod I also use nic salt which is 20mg and I thinks it's 50/50 when I'm using a vape I got staomach cramps coughs and feel dehydrated also constant diarrhoea everyday do I I solve this I've tried different vg/Pg and different makes but...
  32. R

    Unable to Find Battery Charger For Fey Fresh Vape Pen

    Hi, I have a vape pen with a special charging port. It looks like the head of the vape pen is male and it needs a female charger. I have included screenshots below. I can not find the charger for it. I would really appreciate it if someone can point me to a site where I can buy some...
  33. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | Vaporesso XROS Mini 16W Pod Kit - ECigMafia

    XROS MINI is the newest member of XROS Family which is Imbued with XROS DNA.. The XROS MINI provides the best MTL vaping experience. With its compact size and 1000mAh built-in battery,it allows you to be on the go for nearly 2 days without recharging...
  34. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | SMOK Fortis Kit -ECigMafia

    SPECIFICATION: SMOK Fortis Mod Size: 94*32.438.8mm Weight:103g Output Wattage: 5W-80W Battery: Single 18650/20700 battery(not included) Standby Current: < 120uA Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V Output Voltage: 1.0V-6.4V Charging Voltage: Maz 1.4A Charging Current: 5V±0.2V Resistance Range...
  35. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals August (Daily Updated)

    Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing:stars2: Coupon Code: Luxe2M Coupon Price: $39.59 Discount: 25.29% off Link: Vaporesso LUXE II Box Mod 220W Coupon Code: GALK Coupon Price: $38.99 Discount: 30.36% off Link: Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit 200W with Zeus Sub Ohm Tank Coupon Code: JObliK...
  36. - Vape, Accessories and Juices - 5%OFF Vaping Underground users

    Coupon code: VAPUNDERGROUND5 Coupon Value: 5% OFF Use Restriction: First purchase. ( Can't use as Guest, just register for an account ) Coupon good for: Everything on the website, even products on sale. No expiration date: Permanent. Free Shipping available to Canada. We do not ship vaping...
  37. - Vape, Accessories and Juices - 5%OFF Vaping Underground users

    Coupon code: VAPUNDERGROUND5 Coupon Value: 5% OFF Use Restriction: First purchase. ( Can't use as Guest, just register for an account ) Coupon good for: Everything on the website, even products on sale. No expiration date: Permanent. Free Shipping available to Canada. We do not ship vaping...
  38. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals July (Daily Updated)

    Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing:bliss: Coupon Code: RigelM Coupon Price: $20.39 Discount: 21.55% off Link: SMOK Rigel Box Mod 230W Coupon Code: AirM Coupon Price: $25.99 Discount: 27.79% off Link: Suorin Air Mod 40W Pod Kit Coupon Code: RPM160 Coupon Price: $24.99 Discount: 21.66%...
  39. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | Smok RPM 4 Pod Kit -ECigMafia

    New Arrival | Smok RPM 4 Pod Kit -ECigMafia Specifications: Size: 103m*25*27.9mm Weight: 102g/107g* Battery Capacity: 1650mAh Power Range: 5W-60W Standby Current: <100uA Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V Output Voltage: 0.8V-4.OV Resistance Range: 0.2Ω-2.5Ω Charging Voltage: 5V±O.2V Charging Current...
  40. ECigMafia Official

    $9.99 Movkin Disguiser 150W Mod - ECigMafia

    $9.99 Movkin Disguiser 150W Mod Requires: * 2x High-drain Batteries 18650 (Not included) Mod Features: * Wattage Output Range: 5~150W * Voltage Output Range: 6.6~8.4V * Min Atomizer Resistance: 0.05ohm * Temperature Control Range: 200-600F * Size: 61mm x 45mm x 87mm * Weight: 246g (without...
  41. jact25bd

    Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA - best rebuildable tank at Rossat Vape

    Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA is a rebuildable tank to be used with a custom-built coil. To get the best MTL vaping experience with your built coils, Berserker MTL RTA is sure to be the best choice. This unique Rebuildable Tank Atomizer comes with three different tubes to suit your need. If you...
  42. jact25bd

    Three Diamond Mist E Liquid To Try This Summer 2021

    UK weather predicts temperature in the early weeks of June to be around 20 Degree Celcius. While summer is just around the corner, it's a good idea to stock E-Liquid now to enjoy the summer to its fullest extent. Rossat Vape, a UK online vape shop, recommends these 3 Diamond Mist UK brand vape...
  43. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | FreeMax ONNIX 20W Pod Kit

    New Arrival | FreeMax ONNIX 20W Pod Kit SPECIFICATION: Size: 26.2mm*16.2mm*109mm Pod Capacity: 3.5ml Coil Resistance: OX Mesh Coil 0.5ohm (Pre-installed); OX DVC Coil 1.0ohm (Extra) Battery Capacity: 1100mAh Output Voltage: 3.3V~4.2V Output Wattage: 8W~20W Material: PCTG/Steel/Aluminium...
  44. ECigMafia Official

    New Arrival | GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Z Kit

    New Arrival | GeekVape Obelisk 120 FC Z Kit Features -The world's first vape with safe fast charging -Portable power supply -Internal 3700mah battery(dual-cell 2* 1850mah), 15min fast charging -USB PD Safe Charging -USB-C Direct Charging -Ultra-long Battery life -OTG Reserve Charge -Geekvape...
  45. Vaping Phantom

    Vaping Phantom

    This is Haji from Vaping Phantom, Vaping Phantom is a vape retail shop located in the kingdom of Bahrain, we provide all vape related products and accessories, please do visit us on social media and check out our website also. Facebook : @vapingphantom Twitter : @vapingphantom Instagram ...
  46. V

    Get 10% off your entire first order on Provape

    Get 10% off your entire first order on Provape Here is PROMO CODE: PROVAPESBACK
  47. jact25bd

    Vaporesso Swag 2 UK - A Complete Powerful Kit

    Vaporesso Swag 2 UK is a complete vape kit which small enough to fit in your palm but powerful enough to take in any e-liquid. The kit comes with both Wattage Control and Temperature control, so whatever way you prefer to vape, this kit will serve the purpose. With the power that can go from...
  48. I


    Hello, I have closed my shop and looking to liquidate my inventory to a shop looking for a great deal. I am currently accepting $35,000 for over $80,000 in inventory (low estimate wholesale value). The retail value is well over $250,000 to someone with the means to distribute. I have included...
  49. Vaper_girl

    Vapesourcing Coupon Deals May (Daily Updated)

    Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing:blowkiss: Updated 2021 New Coupons on Vapesourcing:wub::wub: Coupon Code: WMMK Coupon Price: $17.99 Discount: 28.01% off Link: Wotofo Manik Mini Pod Kit 30W 1000mAh Coupon Code: VARTK Coupon Price: $44.99 Discount: 22.42% off Link: VapX ART Pod System...
  50. VapeCraftInc

    Cinco De Vapeo! Fatpack Sale Is Back In Stock! $54.95 for 600ml's VC E-liquid

    Grab Our World Famous Fatpack Today For Only $54.95! Thats 600ml's! Visit Vape Craft Inc

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