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  1. jact25bd

    Diamond Mist USA Mix Tobacco E Liquid For As Low As £2.00 and Free 1-2 Days Delivery

    Free 1-2 Days Delivery Buy 3 or More Bottles At £2.50 Per Bottle Buy 6 or More Bottles At £2.30 Per Bottle Buy 10 or More Bottles At £2.00 Per Bottle USA Mix Tobacco from Diamond Mist E Liquid range is back on the shelf with the same premium quality but at a better deal. Lightly sweetened smoky...
  2. ECigMafia Official

    Get 15% off on All E-Juice, Electronics, Coils and Pods - Limited time only

    Get 15% off on all E-Juices, Electronics, Coils, and Pods Use Coupon Code: "SAVE15" Valid Till: 30th Sept 2020
  3. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Juice Sale Alert!

    Get 5 x Vape Craft 120ml's for JUST $60 this weekend using code: "FATPACK" in your cart. Only for a limited time.

    Is salt nicotine stronger than regular nicotine?

    Nicotine salts are have more nicotine in them, allowing them more closely compare to a cigarette. Because MTL devices have a less intense hit, these higher concentrated e juices are perfect and won't be too harsh.
  5. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft 20% off ejuice & diy products

    Grab 20% off Sitewide Eliquids & DIY Products Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50! Use Code: "20OFF" in your cart. All Weekend Long Click Here
  6. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft 20% Off Vape Juice & DIY Products | Weekend Sale

    Grab 20% off Sitewide Eliquids & DIY Products Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50! Use Code: "20OFF" in your cart. All Weekend Long Click Here
  7. laura96435–Best Price, Latest Deals, and Giveaways Updated! European Vaping Store!

    Only £4.99--Aulola Mango E-liquid 10ml The Aulola Mango E-liquid delivers the sweet juicy and distinctive ripe mango flavor. With a hint of tart edge, the Aulola Mango E-juice paired with tropical succulent fruits enhances the fruity kick. The fantastic flavor will bring the juicy, sweetness of...
  8. dez


    If the ban is keeping you from getting your e-juice, just check out the "UNLISTED VENDORS" section- where I just put a thread up, & I will get you what you need! Thanks! Dez
  9. dez

    Is the vape product ban getting you down? I can help! Read on..

    Hello! A lot of you know me. I've been here for a good while, and if you're having a hard time getting your E-juice, C*D, or COILS- due to needing a signature (or other reasons)..PM ME! *I'll get it to you for a $10 fee.* *Postage not included.* (*Small USPS $5...
  10. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Weekend Sale! Grab 3 VCI bottles for $35 | Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50

    Vape Juice Sale Alert! Grab 3 Vape Craft 120ml's For $35 Free (U.S) Shipping is Given On ALL Orders Over $50 Use Code: "3FOR35" In Your Cart Happy Vaping!
  11. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Fatpack Sale | Major E-liquid sale!

    It's FATPACK Time Use Code: "FATPACK" to get 5 x 120mL of Vape Craft E-juice for $60!
  12. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Fatpack Sale | Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50

    It's FATPACK Time Use Code: "FATPACK" to get 5 x 120mL of Vape Craft E-juice for $60!

    Vape Blog | Shijin Vapor: The Ejuice Company To Look Out Today!

    Earning An Elite Reputation Shijin Vapor has been taking the nation by storm in these past months, first winning Best E-Liquid Product at ECC Ontario 2017 and then taking home the prize for Best E-Liquid Brand & Product at ECC Ontario 2018. On top of that, they just took home yet another award...
  14. D

    Trying to find right pod system to work with organic 100% vg salt nic e juice

    Hey fellow vapers. I'm trying to find a pod system that fits well with 100% vg e juice. I can only vape e juices with 0%pg since I have sensitivity to it. So I found this company called kais virgin vapor. They make organic e LIQUIDS, pg free, which is basically the only brand of ejuice I've...
  15. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Weekend Promo! Get "2for24" 120ml bottles on all Vape Craft E-liquids

    Grab your 2 for 24 deal! Use code "2for24" on any of our Vape Craft 120ml bottles. Free Shipping (USA) On Orders Over $50.00. You don't want to miss this amazing sale. Grab your E-liquids while supplies last!
  16. vapecrypto

    BOGO Juice Sale is back! Buy One E-Liquid and Get One Free at Vape Crypto

    Just use code BOGO at checkout and get for each juice you purchase you can select one of equal or lesser value for free! Check out our large selection of sub ohm and salt nicotine juices now. Sale ends at 7/29 at midnight so don't miss out!
  17. Whargoul

    WTS Fuggin Vapor Co liquid All bottles are 3mg. Flavors are In Da Loop(fruit loops), Butta Booze(butter beer) , Blueberry Waffle, and Fuggin Donuts(strawberry frosted donut). Bought them a week ago and I’m not really liking any of the flavors. In Da Loop and Blueberry waffle have probably...
  18. DragonSlayerKindness

    Can I use this as flavoring?

    I got it from here
  19. VapeCraftInc

    Vape Craft Inc | FATPACK E-Juice Sale | Free (U.S) Shipping Orders Over $50

    Get 600mL of Vape Craft E-Juice for $60! Use Code: "FATPACK" Today Only!
  20. Bill


    A lot of people who have made the switch got their first E-cigarette from a tobacco shop. Cox’s Smokers Outlet is a proud supplier of quality vape goods as well as an amazing selection of Tattoo Vape Premium E-Juice. Next time your at Cox’s looking to pick up some amazing scotch, be sure to...
  21. Bill


    Tobacco and Vape shop, conveniently located in Saginaw, Michigan. Carrying the latest and greatest from coils and mods too your favorite e-liquid like Tattoo Vape, Tobacco and Vape are sure to have something to fit your needs!
  22. 101vape CLEARANCE ITEMS

    Hi VU! We have a lot of items on clearance, so we'll be highlighting the best deals here. All clearance items will not be restocked and it's limited supply, so if you find something you like, pick it up quick. We'll kick things off with clearance Naked 100 vape juice. Cuban Blend Green...
  23. Decstrose

    Oasis (A Tropical Flavor)

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here, so I wanted to give you all my favorite flavor (of course this is subjective). Let me know what you think. :) Ill post some more of my favorites later. Sorry, I just relied I put this in the wrong thread. It was not supposed to go to requests...
  24. N


    ELEMENT VAPE: I purchased two bottles of 60ML Vape Juice as well as a pack of coils from this online company. Not only did my order take forever to arrive (so long that I was forced to go buy vape juice from a smoke shop so by the time it did come I didn’t need it right away and didn’t open it...
  25. Jo_VaporVapes

    Save up to 50% this weekend only! VAPORVAPES.COM Easter deal now on!

    OUR DIY 5-PACK IS AVAILABLE in 6 sizes. Select any 5 flavors from our 145 DIY aromas from only $7.99! Don't forget to stock up on PG/VG Base to start mixing your own vape juice. Check it out: Use the NEWBIE code for FREE US...
  26. yossefdouieb

    unbranded bizarre e-juice

    hello everyone, so my dad started vaping a few years back and bought two very odd bottles of unbranded e-juice (no idea where did he get it from), he stopped vaping a very short time after he started and he didn't throw the bottles away, now I am starting to vape and my question is, is this...
  27. P

    Authenic Black SMOK Alien 220w Box Mod ( PACKAGE DEAL)

    This is a package deal!! Comes with charger and a full bottle of Mr. Salty Orange Mango Guava (45 nic 30 mil bottle) and also two 18650 batteries. Fires up to 220w and has long lasting battery life and a quick charge. I'm looking for $65 dollars for the whole package but I'm willing to negotiate...
  28. Aragorn

    The Evolution of Vaping

    You may ponder internally, "whatever, vaping is only a craze, it's simply too new and hasn't been tried – it's not digging in for the long haul." Well, you can think what you need, however, they aren't going anyplace. Without a doubt, e-cigs have changed throughout the years, however, to improve...
  29. Breazy_Com

    40% OFF Munchies + WIN a $50 Gift Card!

    Happy Friday!!!! WHOOOT WHOOOTT Get your weekend started of breazy with this rocking 40% off Promo Code: MUNCHIES Promotions ends on 4/22/18 at 11:59pm EST to get it while it lasts!!!!! CLICK ME:
  30. Breazy_Com

    Tax Day 30% Off All E-Liquid Brands! - 5 HRS and 40 min left!!

    HAPPY THURSDAY FROM BREAZY!!! From now until April 19th enjoy 30% off your favorite brands of e-liquid as well as enjoy the discount on some new vape adventures. A great deal to start the seasonal transition and keep your world cloudy and tasty. Click the photo below to get to our site :)
  31. EasyPuff Vape

    Top 4 Things You Should Know About the NZ Vape Scene

    Vaping is increasingly being described as one of the most disruptive developments in the recent years. The reason is simple. It is generally considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking. Whatever the reasons for its adoption, vaping has become one of the most popular hobbies for a large...
  32. VaporJoe


    For those of you that talk DIY on reddit you might want to take a look at this thread. Conversation is fine but linking, selling, and giveaways of any kind when it comes to ejuice (including zero nic) is now a banning offense...
  33. RhwsGG

    VapeWild - BEST E-Juice Vendor Review

    Hey everyone, So, I've been ordering my E-Juice from a vendor that I randomly stumbled upon, one that I'm sure many of you already know about. This review is for those who do not already know, or haven't yet had any experience with VapeWild. First of all, it is incredibly cheap to order...
  34. D

    My latest e-liquid try..

    I recommend this magic island ejuice to all those who love vaping, whether you’re a beginner or a pro because I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try it. It has got a great flavor that you can enjoy and it produces satisfying vapor as well. The place where I got flavor also has many other...
  35. bluffsbrewingco

    ** Online retailer of Premium E-liquids

    Welcome to Bluffs Brewing Co. We are an online retailer servicing Canada's needs for premium e-liquid at great prices. We currently produce 9 unique flavours that will satisfy even the most finicky of taste-buds. Our unmatched customer service and dedication to providing you the best e-liquid...
  36. bluffsbrewingco

    Hello VU members. New online retailer Bluffs Brewing Co.

    Hello fellow VU members. We are Bluffs Brewing Co. a new manufacturer of e-liquids in Toronto. We look forward to being a part of your vaping experience. Sorry to my friends south of the border, we are currently only providing service within Canada. #notblowingsmoke
  37. EasyPuff Vape

    Cloud Chaser Premium e-juice

    With the Cloud Chaser E-juice flavour Vitis, you can take a nostalgic trip to your favourite vineyard with every single puff you take. This Cloud Chaser E-juice flavour Vitis is full of fresh, juicy grape flavour that has hints of woody vines intermixed throughout it. It has subtle tones of...
  38. EasyPuff Vape

    Nasty juice is here at the EasyPuff Vape Store

    EasyPuff has joined forces with Nasty Juice - the e-juice that is taking the world by storm. Launched in 2014, Nasty Juice has since become a leading brand in innovative e-juice creation. In 2016, Nasty Juice was awarded the best fruit e-liquid at the 2016 Vape Expo in Poland which was attended...
  39. Countrypami


  40. NineNine

    what about the VIKING e-juice?

    Is there anyone knowing the e-juice under the brand of "VIKING VAPES"? Is it a USA e-juice? Is it a tobacco-flavored e-juice?
  41. EasyPuff Vape

    Cloud Chaser E-juice flavours by EasyPuff

    Big clouds are your thing. Whether or not you participate in those fun cloud chasing competitions is up to you, but even in the comfort of your own home, nothing is more satisfying than taking a deep rip off of your vaporiser and exhaling a huge, white dense cloud that blurs out what is in front...
  42. Z

    here is my introduction

    Hi, I am Mark Woods designated as Customer Relations Manager with zenitheliq from last 6 years. I am dedicated to providing best customers services to people who look for buying the best for themselves. My job is to ensure that our end user derive full benefit from the product they purchase from...
  43. Bluestar E-Liquid

    Once In A Lifetime Giveaway: Get An Unlimited Supply Of E-Liquids Absolutely FREE

    Hello, all! Get 20 x 10ml E-Liquid Absolutely FREE With Your Next Order, For Every £20 You Spend, From Bluestar E-Liquid: For more information regarding this unbeatable offer, check here...
  44. EasyPuff Vape

    Now Stocking Charlies Chalk Dust Full Range

    Charlies chalk dust full Range of e-liquids now available in New Zeland from EasyPuff, Known for their delectable flavours and high-quality e-liquid, Charlie's Chalk Dust is a manufacturer and designer of premium e-liquids that are known to entice the palate of anyone who tries them. Each type...
  45. W

    Wellon thread

    Hi guys, do you how many types of vape pen? Here we list top 4 types of vapes, to help you split difference types of vape pens. If you have any other view about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us. #1 E-Liquid Vape Pens E-juice Vape pens almost the simplest type of vape pen. The...
  46. Vape_FTW

    33% off all Vape FTW e-liquids until 8/14! Coupon code: ftw33

    Howdy, folks. We just completed a new Pina Colada flavor for you fine individuals to try out! We're also throwing out a coupon code, as mentioned in the title. "ftw33" gets you 33% off as much e-liquid as you can vape until 8/14/17! Check us out @ Take care and vape on...
  47. V

    PG/VG Preferred Ratio

    Hey All, I'm gathering some data for a project. To gather said data, I've created a survey using It's super easy, literally 1 question, and will take no time at all. Any and all completions of my survey are much appreciated. Thanks!
  48. C

    Need help on finding clear empty e-juice glass dropper

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have a suggestion on a good and safe(FDA) reusable/washable e-juice empty glass dropper? I've been googling but they dont really say anything about rewashable or used for e-juice. Im planning to mix/diy some e-juice on it and store it for later, maybe even store...
  49. StoVapes

    How Misinformation on E-Cigs & E-Juice Spread Across America

    Did you know the number of U.S. citizens who believed that vaping was less harmful than smoking reached 50% in 2012, but this dropped to 43% by 2014! For vapers, vape shop owners, and anyone else who’s witnessed the bloom of the industry and community surrounding e-cigs and e-juice in recent...
  50. rekcahx

    WTS: WolfBane's Lucky Elixir - All 5 Flavors - 35ml Unopened Bottles

    WolfBane's Lucky Elixir The Creme Dela Creme of Juice. This is a one of a kind premium e-juice and the best Dessert type I have tried. Single Barrel Aged in small batches. Steeped and aged in Oak Barrels that in their previous life were used to age Cognac. If you like Dessert flavors then I...

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