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  1. UD Tech

    ENDED - Really like to say " thank you" to all of you ! - 11/26

    Hello dear vapers in VD, Thanksgiving Day is coming, How will you celebrate this great festival with your family and friends ? As to say " thank you " for your support, UD has prepared a special gift for you and wish you and family all the best. We will select three winners altogether to win...
  2. S

    Hey Guys, Just started using a mechmod

    Hey all, im new to this forum. My vaping journey has been an amazing one.. I started mouth to lung vaping but then got into the mod - sub ohm side. I quickly found that sub ohm is the way LOL.. I now build my own coils on a wotofo mod and use a ohm meter to make sure my mech mod is safe.. I...
  3. nkara1981

    Awsome New Site For Great Cheap ELiquid

  4. vapeccino

    Smoke in Your Room and Get Caught by Your Girlfriend? My God!

    Covering up the smell of smoke can be difficult. It can’t be made even more difficult if you live with your girlfriend. My god, my girlfriend always notice something even though I smoke outsides. Because she hates me to smoke and blames that I don’t care about myself, but you know, for most of...
  5. Breazy_Com

    Do you think vaping should be considered smoking?

    Good afternoon! " Thanks to a recent court ruling, e-cigarettes are no longer subject to New York state’s ban on public smoking. This victory for vapers marks the first time that a legal entity in the U.S. has made a clear distinction between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs. Given the impending...
  6. vapeccino

    what's your favourite e-jucie?

    Kinda curious about your favourite ejuice. Maybe i can find some good stuff here.
  7. EasyPuff Vape

    How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work?

    How Does an Electronic Cigarette Work? A lot of people continue to have only a vague or no idea about e-cigarettes. Making matters worse, the people responsible for spreading awareness about alternatives to smoking or aids that help smokers quit their habit, do not always do a good job. This...
  8. EasyPuff Vape

    All New EasyPuff Website Now Up!

    After months of development, we have just launched our new website EasyPuff™ is a trusted New Zealand brand that is renowned for providing high-quality e-cigarettes & supplies at low prices, ensuring you get the best possible product at the best price. EasyPuff™ e-cigarettes are a viable...
  9. ZanModZ


  10. Urvapin

    Super Cheap! Only $16.99 to buy Aspire Quad Tank! Original Price $50!

    Aspire Quad-Flex 4-in-1 is a game changer. Rip up the vape rule book.The Quad-Flex System provides the ultimate multi-device package complete with four configurations of atomizer in one streamlined kit. From the refined flavor beast and those who enjoy traditional tight pulls, to vaping cloud...
  11. Ashley vapor

    How often do you change your e-juice?

    How often do you change your e-juice?
  12. Ashley vapor

    Which flavors do you like best, fruit,coffee,tea, even tobacco....?

    my favorite flavor is fruit. If you have any new flavors, just tell me more.
  13. Ashley vapor

    How to do with your overnight ejuice in the tank?

    Hey, guys, have you ever had the experience that you didn't use up the ejuice in your tank within the day? if you had, how to do with the left in the next day? Share your ideas!
  14. Ashley vapor

    Do you guys really believe vaping can take the place of smoking?

    Do you guys really believe vaping can take the place of smoking? Tell us your idea!:idea:
  15. Ashley vapor

    Is battery safe enough?

    many reports said ecigarette battery is dangerous, a little afraid about that.:(
  16. Ashley vapor

    New year vaping, anything recommend

    New year vaping, anything recommend?;)
  17. Cacuqecig

    How to Identify Fake E Cigarettes?

    How to Identify Fake E Cigarettes? The e-cigarette market has grown faster than anyone could have imagined. With sales this year looking to top 8 billion dollars manufacturers worldwide have taken notice. This has created a tremendous variety of products for the consumer, which is a wonderful...
  18. Cacuqecig

    Donald Trump Was Selected, What Future Will American Ecigs Wholesaler Face?

    American voters defied expectations Tuesday and delivered a narrow victory for Donald Trump, a first-time candidate with no political or government experience. For the second time in the last five elections, the president earned an electoral college majority without winning the popular vote...
  19. Cacuqecig

    Cacuqecig Firstly Lowers Its Threshold by Decreasing The Amount of First Order to $100

    Since the foundation of Cacuqecig.com, we have gained a lot of focus and support. Cacuq used to launch stores on Aliexpress and with the independence of Cacuqecig.com, we have opened up different ways to have mutual interaction with our fans and clients on various forums and also, widened our...
  20. shawnstewart

    Salk Street Vapor Shoppes In-Store Thanksgiving Sale - 904 Bloor West Toronto

    15% off all hardware and 2x Loyalty Points when you sign up a friend. That's buy 2 bottles and get one free. Be sure to check out the new location in Toronto! Location Toronto (New Location): 904 Bloor St West Ossington Station/Ossington and Bloor Toronto, Ontario Location Pickering 1064 Salk...
  21. Phatz

    Sicboy part 2

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