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Cacuqecig Firstly Lowers Its Threshold by Decreasing The Amount of First Order to $100


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Since the foundation of Cacuqecig.com, we have gained a lot of focus and support. Cacuq used to launch stores on Aliexpress and with the independence of Cacuqecig.com, we have opened up different ways to have mutual interaction with our fans and clients on various forums and also, widened our own channels to have a deeper realization and cooperation with our clients. Currently, Cacuq focus more on the ecigs wholesaler and distributor like what we used to do on the reason that we believe Cacuq is capable of providing you with the best and efficient service. Like what i have said before, though the birth time of Cacuq is not so long, we make no efforts to improve ourselves to dedicate to the online ecigs wholesale. Under the circumstance, our original initiative of building the site is to offering you with an efficient, high-speed and convenient purchasing platform.

Though there are still many problems need to be solved and improved, we gain progress every day. Considering some requests from the purchasers, we cut down the MOQ(Except for some special items). At the same time, we also give biggest discounts as the wholesale price while we have to strictly set the minimum amount of your purchasing because of the manufacturer’s demand.Initially we made the minimum as $200 and you can only make orders on our site with the minimum order of $200 while for a long time, we have gained many feedback and suggestions from our SNS channels or forums, reflecting that many of them won’t make orders in Cacuq though Cacuq is excellent and the items are attractive for the reason of the high threshold of $200, which had Cacuq feel sorry and pity for all of you.

At the same time, we decided to lowers down our threshold to $100, which means that whatever customer type you are, the wholesaler, distributor or individual customer, as long as you register as our users, you can make orders with only $100. Last but not least, your first order can reach only $100 but your following orders should reach the standard of $200 because we have to treat you equally without discrimination with our existed clients. Though the $100 is not low as you expect, we do sincerely hope you can understand that Cacuq is an online ecigs wholesale platform and our prices are set as wholesale price.Hope you can understand.

If you want to launch your career of ecigs, Cacuq will provide you with the biggest support.
If you want to know more about ecigs news or the industry information, you can contact our member of customer-service center to consult:[email protected]. We will give you the most professional service and newest information.Good luck to all of you!


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