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  1. Efun.Top

    Curdovape Halo Box MOD 218W!

    Curdovape Halo Box MOD 218W! new arrival Sale Products US Warehouse
  2. Vappora


  3. Ms. Trixy

    What's the consensus on slim Pod Systems? UPS in general.

    Now that time has passed and the refillable pods are out, what is the consensus on these? I realize everyone has their own preference. But I'm looking for a thin one. I have a Breeze, Gusto, MyBlu, iCare and that one we got for a buck. I gave my son the Von Erl to try but I'm sure he has it...
  4. Synphul

    CC Fraud Nicopure

    Just got a letter yesterday from Nicopure stating that they're trying to get out in front of compromised user information. It's been months since I've ordered anything from them, they're the parent company to Halo for folks who are unsure. Thought I'd share this, not sure who else may or may...
  5. C

    Halo Reactor Tank compatible subohm coils?

    I usually get Ni200 0.25 ohm coils for my reactor tank but they are out of stock. Kanthal ones don't even compare. Anyone knows about other brands for Ni200 coils that work on the Reactor?
  6. Synphul

    Halo triton coils/batteries

    Ok, so I'm not an electrical engineer by any means but when using a fixed battery (4.1-4.2v fresh charge, ~3.7v average) don't higher resistance coils vape hotter? My mom currently uses the halo triton vape pen kit and has been having an issue with coils burning out pretty quick, within a day...
  7. NolesDave

    Perfect Kringle's Curse clone

    I'm a long-time user of Halo's Kringle's Curse, and have finally got the recipe down perfect. I have been modifying HIC's Kringle's clone to fit my taste buds, and finally figured out the mix that tastes me, at least. If you try this and it's spot-on for you as well, give the...
  8. Kiwironic

    My first attempt at vaping with this setup

    Hey guys, New guy here from New Zealand, middle earth :) for all of lord or the rings fans. I have bought a few things to give vaping a try, I watched some videos, read some articles and did my research and here is what I got so far: 1- Mod: Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Box Mod - FULL BLACK...

    ENDED - HALO eJuice Two winners will win e-liquid for the rest of 2016.

    Halo is asking there audience to share why they love Halo and in return, two winners will win e-liquid for the rest of 2016.
  10. Angel Cigs

    Ejuice buy 2 get 1 free in Angelcigs.

    Eliquids Promotion: Buy 2 get 1 free. (it only works for same brand, such as take 2pc cosmic fog, you can choose 1pc cosmic fog free, you cant choose wolfpack or five pawns, also you cant buy 1pc cosmic fog and 1pc five pawns and ask 1pc free)

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