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juul pods


    Refillable juul pods

    These empty JUUL pods allow you to use the nic salt vape juice of your choice. Vape any nic salts e-juice and experience the Juul like never before. Use these Refillable juul pods with your JUUL, and whether you're crafting your own DIY e-juice or have a current nic salt or alternative...

    Juul's pod is too expensive? Don't worry, Refillable Juul Pods solve your troubles.

    Choose juul original pods too few flavors and prices are too high, do you have feel that? Yes, too few flavors and expensive prices will stop some people who want to try vape. Don't worry, VAPE4EVER has carefully selected for you several empty pods that can be used with juul, which can be...
  3. cloumix

    [New Arrival] $7.4 -- Wellon ACE 2-in-1 Vape Mod 400mAh

    Brand: Wellon Product Name: Wellon ACE 2-in-1 vape Mod Type: Vape Mod Color: Pearl Black/Pearl Blue/Purple Blue Introduction Wellon ACE 2-in-1 Vape Mod is a 2 in 1 portable vape battery mod, with a 400mAh built-in battery. It is compatible with Juul pods and 510 tanks with a diameter of less...
  4. Sunme

    Hard shell Juul carrying case Cyameri Podcase

    Hard Shell EVA Juul Carrying case. Could store 1 Juul device, 1 Charger, 4 Pods. Take the Juul kits anywhere you go with Cyameri Podcase Skating with your Juul set
  5. biglovetravis

    Three JUUL units +6 Chargers +38 Pods

    Switched over from using JUUL to a Nord Smok last month. Have these leftovers/units to sell off and it is against the rules to do so on eBay or Facebook. Have THREE JUUL units, all bought in the last six months directly from JUUL and already registered. The two grey units were replaced under...
  6. somevapes

    Wholesale and OEM ecig products

    Accepting customized order, included pod, mod device (DNA chip)
  7. Sunme

    Cyameri Juul lanyard holder. Stop losing your Juul again

    Cyameri JUUL Lanyard holder Juul Lanyard 17 inchs long. Tight and durable Compatible with Juul and other similar size vape pen to keep it handy to use Click here to take a look
  8. vapecrypto

    Fathers Day Gifts 15% Off - Juul and Other New Products

    Use code dads2018 at checkout and receive 15% the perfect fathers day gift of vape at htts:// We also now carry a full line of Juul Pod Starter Kits and Flavor Pods!
  9. F

    WTB empty juul pods

    Want to buy bulk amount of juul pods for cheap. Hmu for offers

    Bo Vape Review - Better than JUUL?

    A review of the Bo Vape Starter Kit, Bo Pods and the Bo Power. Brought to you by: Michael Lammers Shop: Bo Vaping - Buy Retail Bo One Starter Kit, Caps and Accessories Bo Vape - Buy Wholesale Bo Vape Kits, Pods and Accessories ----------------- Bo Vape is one of the most popular closed...
  11. D

    JUUL advice. Properly keeping the pod coil wicked.

    I’ve grown very fond of the JUUL. I previously went through a wide range of vapes. My favorite was SMOK g-priv, baby-beast tank, the quad cylinders coil, 60w. Any 12mg/ml juice hit was smooth and plentiful. But I’ve since put them all on the shelve in favor of the JUUL. Love the powerful...

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