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Bo Vape or JUUL?

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A review of the Bo Vape Starter Kit, Bo Pods and the Bo Power.
Brought to you by: Michael Lammers

Bo Vaping - Buy Retail Bo One Starter Kit, Caps and Accessories
Bo Vape - Buy Wholesale Bo Vape Kits, Pods and Accessories


Bo Vape is one of the most popular closed system vape device brands in the world. Not only are there starter kits very well made, the assortment of flavor pods available are loved by many and contain premium Nicotine Salt E Liquid.

The Bo One is there flagship starter kit that comes in a variety of finishes and designs. The pod flavors that are available are Kiwiberries Ice, Cut Tobacco, Mint Pods, and Mango Bo Pods.

There is also a few accessories that are available for the Bo, including the Bo Power (External Battery Charger), the Bo Cable (Extended Battery Charging Cable) and more to come in the future.

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