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pod mods

  1. vapeccino

    The First Pod Mod Launches in Times Square, New York now with Most Expensive Color In the World

    Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destinatiom, entertainment center and neighborhood in the Midtown Manhattan section of New York City. Times Square is sometimes referred to as "The Crossroads of the World" "The Center of the Universe", "the heart of The Great White Way"...
  2. vapeccino

    How to extend your vaporizer life?

    “Shit, the power is over! I just charged it several hours ago.” A programmer screamed out when he endeavored himself to figure out a difficult issue and wanted to vape a vaporizer to celebrate this sacred moment but failed at night. This is a common problem. Because for the most parts...
  3. vapeccino

    How to Deal with the Condensation in POD MOD

    One vaper said, “I am a new vaper, I like pizza, I like everything about pizza. So pizza juice is my one of favorite juice. However, sometimes when I vape pizza juice, some juice would be inhaled into my mouth directly instead of pizza vapor, it indeed influences my vaping joy no matter how...
  4. HealthCabin

    ENDED - Winner Announcement - Win Justfog C601, The Master Piece of Pod System, Ends on July 1

    Winner Announcement let’s congratulate to #[email protected], please PM us to get your prize. thanks for participating our giveaway. good luck to you all in the next giveaways. enjoy your day...
  5. Z

    Watering down salt based juice with regular ejuice, can i? I'm new to salt nic

    Hey everyonee I bought one of those aspire breezes pod mod, and had some salt nix juice made, I usually vape at 3mg in a rda but the salemans insisted that 18mg was the right amount for moving to a pod mod. For me it seems strong and in getting some harshness, can i dilute it down with my 100%...
  6. J

    Kimsun Smart 4R Mod Pod Initial Review

    I just received my Smart 4R pod mod in the mail today. It’s from a Chinese company called Kimsun, and it’s new on the market, although Limsun has apparently been producing vaping equipment since 2006. These are my initial impressions after using it for a day. You can find all the specs at...
  7. VapeCraftInc

    New Vape Product Alert! Mods & Coils

    New Product Alert! Check out our website for new Vape Mods & Eliquids! Voopoo Too Box Mod GeekVape Athena Squonk Mod Kit Indulgence Hiro Vape Pod Kit Hiro Replacement Pods
  8. JMB17

    Smok Rolo Badge

    My husband just bought the Smok Rolo Badge and it's amazing. I have the Aspire Breeze and I've tried the Juul and the Phix but the Rolo takes it for me. Just like any of the pods there's a little resistance when inhaling but it's a lot more smooth than any of the ones I just mentioned. The...

    Bo Vape Review - Better than JUUL?

    A review of the Bo Vape Starter Kit, Bo Pods and the Bo Power. Brought to you by: Michael Lammers Shop: Bo Vaping - Buy Retail Bo One Starter Kit, Caps and Accessories Bo Vape - Buy Wholesale Bo Vape Kits, Pods and Accessories ----------------- Bo Vape is one of the most popular closed...
  10. cutevape

    Do you know pod system vape?

    Let me go , I don't wanna be your hero, i don't wanna be a big man......This guy Indulgence Hiro Pod vape kit, always make me think of Family of the year's song Hero. If don't wanna be someone's hero, so "Be your own Hiro". Hiro is a pod mod by Indulgence, features a 400mAh battery and...
  11. TheElectricTobacconist® - Online Vape Shop

    VAPE SHOP | ELECTRIC TOBACCONIST® USA At Electric Tobacconist® USA we stock e-cig and vaping products from over 40 brands. With headquarters recently moved from New York to Boulder, Colorado, we are America's number one vape store! Our e-cigarette store has vaping equipment from starter kits...

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